Army Career as an Officer -2(Officer Like Qualities)

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Officer Like Qualities Men are alike in their promises. It is only in their deeds that they differ – Moliere Doing What's Right Earns You the Right By John C. Maxwell By Mukteshwar Prasad

Planning and org :

Planning and org Good org clever planner clever org speaker seeing essential of problem Logical reasoning Effective Intelligence – Int utilised in coping with practical situation of varying complexity Practical Intel-Capacity to evolve independent solution Resourcefulness-use of available resources for desired goal Hence Group Imagination Clear headed

planning and org…contd :

planning and org… contd Reasoning ability-grasp essential well and arrive at conclusion by rational thinking G rasp I nquiring attitude R eceptivity L ogic

planning and org…contd :

planning and org… contd Org Ability-Arrange resources in systematic way to produce effective result of best use of resources Resourcefulness-best use of resources for attaining goal Org resources Allotment of priorities

planning and org…contd :

planning and org… contd Power of Expression –Ability to put across one’s idea adequately with ease and clarity Clarity Coherence Fluency

Social adjustment:

Social adjustment Socially well adjusted ,disciplined and dutiful i.e. A Good Worker Social adjustment-Adapt himself to social and environment adjust well with person and social groups with ref to superiors/equals/subordinates Social intelligence Attitude towards others Adaptability

Social adjustment..contd:

Social adjustment.. contd Cooperation-Attitude to participate willingly in harmony with others in a group to achieve group goal Collective effort rather than individual effort Joint effort Team spirit-loyalty to aim and objective of group even up to subordinating individual aim.

Factor2-Social adjustment..contd:

Factor2-Social adjustment.. contd Sense of responsibility-enables one to be dependable and willingly discharge obligation Sense of duty-faithfully and formally doing what one is ordered. Thorough understanding of duties and social standards Conscious discharge of obligation and willingness to bear consequences Discipline-Trained sense of acting strictly in accordance with rules ,regulations and conventions Self control With in bounds of social norms Responsibilities

Social Effectiveness:

Social Effectiveness A good leader i.e. pushing ,cheerful , possibly assertive with requisite intelligence and sustain it. Initiative-Originate action and sustain it Ability to take first step Act fast in emerging new situation in right direction and sustain it Drive

Factor3-Social Effectiveness..contd:

Factor3-Social Effectiveness.. contd Self confidence-Faith in one’s ability to meet stressful situation which are unfamiliar. Remain cool under stress. Hard work/sweat earlier for preparation Familiarity in similar situation and capability to draw lesson from experience Knowledge and skill development Speed of decision –Arrive at workable decision expeditiously Appropriateness of decision Quickness at arriving at decision

Social Effectiveness..contd:

Social Effectiveness.. contd Ability to influence the group Faith Some sort of superiority viz knowledge/skill/ability/intelligence Liveliness-Remaining buoyant in meeting problem Bring about cheerful atmosphere


Dynamic Tough, courageous, determined and understanding soldier Determination –sustained effort to achieve objective in spite of obstacles and setbacks Fixedness of purpose Mental concentration Strength of will Application to work Drive


Dynamic Courage-Appreciate and take purposive risks willingly Ability to appreciate danger Spirit of adventure Enterprising spirit Risk hazard Composed in adverse situation The basis of courage is individual initiative. If we cannot act alone, we cannot act together. – John C. Maxwell Stamina Physical Mental

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The army had given (The then Colonel in US Army during Operation in Vietnam) Norman Schwarzkopf (Later General in US Army) the power to lead. And his knowledge and skill had given him the ability to lead. But his demonstrated character and courage under the most difficult of circumstances had earned him the right to lead.

7 Less trainable Qualities:

7 Less trainable Qualities Deep probe by Assessor Caution and conscious effort to develop over considerable time period Effective Intelligence Reasoning Ability Social Adaptability Co-operation Sense of responsibility Liveliness Courage

Average person:

Average person Impossible to have all qualities to high degree by a human Armed forces look for average person Capabilities to develop in average officer after training Few qualities are weak and most qualities above average Since these qualities help human to be a good leader hence achievable by being aware of


How? Daily Log Showing presence and absence of qualities by writing all 15 qualities + ve on Right and _ ve on Left Read it once before going to bed Mere looking it in morning and evening prompts sub /un conscious mind to correct Reflection at Night Close your eyes before sleep and recall/reflect days event from morning till you came to bed. Whole events may not last even 5 mins because it comes at the speed of light Conscious effort and vow to correct tomorrow Keep reflecting Helps in memorising days study as well


Ganesh Big Ears-Listening Small Eyes-Concentration Small mouth-Less speaking Big Head-Store good ideas Big Tummy-Digest criticism Laddoo -Rewards &Motivation Perfume sprinkler- Sincerely complement others Crown-self respect Benign throne-Pride in self Tiny rat-Humility Account book-Update one’s account

Principles of Management:

Principles of Management Compare with agriculture (Genius use 10% of brain) Tilling-Hard Work Fertlise -Good reading Pesticide-Self discipline Irrigation-Commitment Seeds-Good thought to start Rain -Luck Our brain is larger than Empire Estate Building which consumes 1,000,000,000 Watt of Energy

Qualities of Good Leader:

Qualities of Good Leader Setting Goals Develop positive attitude Think Imaginatively Belief in discipline Putting principles in practice

Character of Good Leader:

Character of Good Leader Ability to think Deeply Ability to communicate Ability to make things happen

Body Part Synchronisation & Leadership:

Body Part Synchronisation & Leadership Head-Learn to say no Eyes- Sorry at right moment Ears-Differential look to allow passing from one to another Nose-Poke nose to be informed Mouth-Words “You care for us & you bleed for us” Lips-Smile Heart-Thanks Throat-Shout at un co-operatives Face –Silence as thunder Belly-Laugh it off Feet- Walk an extra mile Neck-Praise with humility

Namah +Te(Tubhyam)=Namaste I salute the sacred & that part of the Supreme Soul which you all have:

tHANKS ? Namah +Te( Tubhyam )=Namaste I salute the sacred & that part of the Supreme Soul which you all have

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