Soft Skill Part-4(Personal traits and skill employees seek


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Soft Skill Part-4(60 Personal traits and skill employees seek for selecting employee for jobs of any type:

Soft Skill Part-4(60 Personal traits and skill employees seek for selecting employee for jobs of any type Ref-page 12 CSI communication By Col Mukteshwar Prasad( Retd )

Soft Skill:

Soft Skill Math Safety Courtesy Honesty Grammar Reliability Flexibility Team Skills Eye contact Co-operation

Soft Skill..:

Soft Skill.. Adaptability Follow rules Self Directed Good attitude Writing Skill Driver’s License Dependability Advanced Math Self Supervising Good References

Soft Skill..:

Soft Skill.. Being drug free Good attendance Personal energy Work experience Ability to measure Personal Integrity Good work history Positive Work Ethics Impersonal skills Motivational skills

Soft Skill..:

Soft Skill.. Valuing education Personalchemistry Willingness to learn Common sense Critical thinking skill Knowledge of fractions Reporting to work on time Use of rulers and calculators Good personal appearance Wanting to do a good job


Soft.. Basis spelling and grammar Reading and comprehensions Ability to follow regulations Willingness to be accountable Ability to fill job application Ability to make production quotas Basic manufacturing skill training Awareness of how business works Staying on the job until it is finished Ability to read and follow instructions

Soft Skill…:

Soft Skill… Willingness to work second and third shift Caring to seeing the company succeed Understand what the world is all about Ability to listen and document what you have heard Commitment to continued training and learning Willingness to take instructions and responsibility Ability to relate to co workers in close environment not expecting to be supervisor in next 6 month Willingness to be good worker and go beyond traditional 8 hours work Communication skill s with public fellow employees , supervisors and customers

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