Soft Skill Part-3(Soft skill required to be great


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Soft Skill Part-3(Soft skill required to be great Project Manager):

Soft Skill Part-3(Soft skill required to be great Project Manager) Col Mukteshwar Prasad( Retd )

Introduction :

Introduction Success of Project manager depends on Understanding tools and how to mange them-20%( Foundation that project is built on ) Right Attitude /Right stuff/Soft Skill-80%

Soft Skill :

Soft Skill Enthusiasm Enthusiastic about Job Passion what they are doing Passionate about Being project manager Project manager they can be

Soft Skill.. :

Soft Skill.. Energy Energy required To hold up Stay fresh Great Interpersonal skill When to listen When to talk When to shut up Commitment to excellence Must do what it takes to make the project excellent Commitment to success Committed to deliver project Deliver it successfully

Soft Skill.. :

Soft Skill.. Sense of humour See humour in certain situation Not take themselves too seriously Environment in place that allows Natural motivation to come through Ability to motivate his/her team Self motivation Motivate themselves Understand action motivates

Soft Skill.. :

Soft Skill.. Excellent communication skill Verbal Written Good negotiating skill Win Win solution in all cases Honesty Honest With project team Peers Superior Especially while reporting on health of project Approachability Available to Team members Easy to approach person

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