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An Initiative of Shivnandani Industries Pvt Ltd & Jagdamb Janaki Nawal Janaki Society By Col Mukteshwar Prasad(Retd), M Tech,FIE(I),FIETE,FISLE,FInst Kaizen


Kaizen Meaning Change for better Improvement Continuous Improvement

Closer Definition :

Closer Definition To take it apart and put it apart and put back together in better way Take apart What? Process System Product Service


Goal Elimination of waste Waste – Activity that costs and not value Just in time delivery Production load leveling & type Standardize work Paced moving lines Right sized eqpts


Principles Process & result Systematic thinking( Big picture and not only narrow views) Non judgmental & non blaming

Cycles of Kaizen activity( Shewart cycle,PCDA) :

Cycles of Kaizen activity( Shewart cycle,PCDA) Standardize an operation Measure standardized operation (cycle time, amount of in process inventory) Gauge measurement against requirement Innovate to meet requirement and increase productivity Standardise new improved operation Continue cycle ad- infinitum


Emphasis One small step at a time Learn by doing aspect of improving production Making changes and looking at results then adjusting Large scale preplanning and extensive project scheduling replaced by smaller experiments in improving which can be rapidly adapted.

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