Adjacency Innovation versus Breakthrough Innovation

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Innovation being key to today's success it


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Adjacency Innovation versus Breakthrough Innovation:

9/26/2012 1 Adjacency Innovation versus Breakthrough Innovation An Initiative of Shivnandani Industries Pvt Ltd & Jagdamb Janaki Nawal Janaki Society By Col Mukteshwar Prasad(Retd), M Tech,FIE(I),FIETE,FISLE,FInstOD,AMCSI

Break through Innovation:

9/26/2012 2 Break through Innovation Breakthrough Innovation Change fortune of a company They redefine the world Revitalizes the organization But it comes once a while say once ayear

Adjacent Innovation:

9/26/2012 3 Adjacent Innovation In this type of innovations you go beyond current business but you use core competencies that support your existing business This demands many variables which are not possible . Thus it simply boils down to Looking for opportunities.

Adjacent customer space:

9/26/2012 4 Adjacent customer space Business school offering MBA and now Executive MBA is an example Different customer Same product as MBA Same capabilities as MBA

Adjacent Product Space:

9/26/2012 5 Adjacent Product Space Phillips Morris a beer company going for soft drink like 7 UP is an example Customer same Only reaching for more money from customer wallet by giving new products

Adjacent Geographies:

9/26/2012 6 Adjacent Geographies Same product to different country

Bungle up may still occur:

9/26/2012 7 Bungle up may still occur Moving up in new business using current capabilities without affecting fundamental business/strategy change Who is your Customer? What value is he/she is seeking? What is value chain architecture or the process by which you will deliver that value?

Guarding Flanks :

9/26/2012 8 Guarding Flanks Good idea but not easy to implement May be cultural clash Put heads down &work easy with purpose

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