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It talks about career in Indian Army as an Officer,which is noble ,satisfying and away to serve the nation.


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Indian Army Career prospect as an Officer & Officer Like Qualities An Initiative of Shivnandani Industries Pvt Ltd & Jagdamb Janaki Nawal Janaki Society By Col Mukteshwar Prasad( Retd ), M Tech,FIE (I), FIETE,FISLE,FInstOD,AMCSI

Indian Army Career prospect as an Officer:

Indian Army Career prospect as an Officer After Graduation Permanent commission NDA Finest Infrastructure for professional Army training Help dev personality cultivate new interest Take exam while studying in XII SSB & Med 4yr training 3+1

Indian Army Career prospect as an Officer…:

Indian Army Career prospect as an Officer… IMA CDS Exam while final yr in graduation SSB &Med 1 yr training1/2 10+2Tech Entry Scheme Atleast 70% in PCM SSB & Med 1yr training at IMA 4YR Degree course at CME/MCEME/MCTE Can choose to Short Service

Indian Army Career prospect as an Officer…:

Indian Army Career prospect as an Officer… Technical Graduates Commission Final yr students in age 20-27 B Tech/M Tech/Post Graduate (AEC) SSB & Med 1 yr training University Entry Scheme (UES) Pre final Engg Screening by Command team SSB &Med 1yr training

Indian Army Career prospect as an Officer…:

Indian Army Career prospect as an Officer… Short Service Commission Serve as commission officer up to 10 yrs OTA,Chennai /Gaya SSC (Non Tech)Men &Women Graduate BA/B Com/ BSc /BCA CDS Exam SSB &Med SSC (Tech)Men &Women Tech Graduate BE/ BTech No exam Short listed appear SSB &Med

Indian Army Career prospect as an Officer…:

Indian Army Career prospect as an Officer… SSC (NCC)Men &Women NCC C cert with B grade At least 50% Graduation in SSB &Med SSC (JAG Entry)Men &Women 55%in LLB 3yrsafter Graduation or 5 yrs after 10+2 SSB &Med

SSB Interview schedule :

SSB Interview schedule Selection Centres Allahabad Bhopal Bangalore Reception Report to MCO AT Railway Station and taken to centres If late report direct to Centres

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Opening Address and Form filling Opening talk and DOs & Don’ts Documentation No competition Assessed against common standards of suitability Possible all recommended or not recommended Other than arrival 5 days of testing

Day-1(Stage 1) :

Day-1(Stage 1) Intelligence test (Verbal &Non verbal) Picture perception test Picture flashed for 30 sec No of Character Age Sex Mood Action relating to past, present and future of each character in one min Time for story writing 4 min

Day-1(Stage 1).. :

Day-1(Stage 1).. Discussion of picture 30min Group of 15 Narrates story verbatim Common consensus about character and theme of story

Day-2 (Stage-II):

Day-2 (Stage-II) Thematic apperception test 12 pictures including one blank Each picture for 30 sec Time to write story 4 mins Story What lead to situation? What is going on? What would be the outcome? Blank slide : think a picture of own and write a story Word Association test 60 words shown for 15 sec one after the other Write first thought and idea that comes to mind

Day-2 (Stage-II)..:

Day-2 (Stage-II).. Situation Reaction test 60 routine life situations regarding day to day activities Situation printed in a booklet Candidate to write reaction by completing sentences as how they feel, think and act in these situations Self Description test Five separate paragraphs on each context about opinion of parents/ guardians , friends , teachers/superiors.

Day-3(Group Tests):

Day-3(Group Tests) GTO Day-1 Group Discussion 2 common topic of interest An informal discussion and not debate Each topic of 20 mins each No definite conclusion required Group Planning Exercise 5 stages Explanation of model Reading of narrative by GTO 5MINS OF SELF READING 10 mins of individual written solution 20 min of group discussion Definite conclusion required

Day-3(Group Tests)..:

Day-3(Group Tests).. Progressive group task First outdoor task Set of 4 obstacles with progressively increasing level of difficulties in 40-50 mins by the group Structure ,helping material and load provided to the group Group obstacle race 3-4 groups are pitched against each other over a set of 6 obstacles with a snake like load Half Group Task One obstacle similar to PGT with helping material and load to be carried. Group is divided in two Time 15 mins Lecturette Individual task of short talk of after preparation for 3 mins from 4 topics


Day-4(GTO-2) Individual Obstacles Set of 10 obstacles to be tackled individually numbered 1-10 indicating point it carries Time 3 mins Command Task Individual nominated as leader to handle one task similar to PGT in 15 mins Final Group task One task similar to PGT in 15-20 mins


Interviews Conducted in afternoon by IO from Day -1 to 4 Atmosphere is informal and relaxed Questions are from everyday experience


Day5 Closing Address Conference Announcement of result Dispersal

We must understand? :

We must understand? Failure in SSB is no reflection of your ability You could do exceptionally well in other profession like Amitab Bachchan Qualifying means you are short listed amongst thousands

Decision Making Time:

Decision Making Time COURSE Notification Age Marital Status SSB Month NDA Mar & Oct by UPSC 16 1/12-19 Unmarried Sep-Oct Jan-Apr 10+2 TES May &Sep by ADGR 16 ½-19 UNMARRIED Jan Jul IMA(DE) Apr &Sep by UPSC 19-24 Unmarried Aug-Oct Feb-Apr SSC(NT) Apr & Sep by UPSC 19-25 Unmarried Nov-Dec Jun-Jul NCC Jan & Dec by ADGR 19-25 Unmarried Nov-Dec Jun-Jul

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Grade Pay Grade Pay Military Service Pay Lieutenant 15,600 – 39,100 5,400 6,000 Captain 15,600 – 39,100 5,700 6,000 Major 15,600 – 39,100 5,700 6,000 Lt. Col. 15,600 – 39,100 5,700 6,000 Col. 15,600 – 39,100 5,700 6,000 Brig. 15,600 – 39,100 5,700 6,000 Maj. Gen. 39,200 – 67,000 9,000 Nil Let. Gen./equ 39,200 – 67,000 11,000 Nil Vice Chiefs 80,000 Nil Nil Service Chiefs 90,000 Nil Nil Pay Scale or Salary of an Indian Army Officer This is a handsome enough monthly salary with many other accommodations, plus the reputed life of an Army Officer. The salary is small in front of a IIT, IMA pass out but the government has raised the bars in recent times and more handsome hikes are expected.

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Officer Allowances in Indian Army Officers get a Starting Pay of 15,600 - 39,100 pm Officers also get a grade pay of 5,600 pm Officers also get a military service pay of 6,000 pm They get a small amount for Kit maintenance too, i.e. 400 pm There transport is almost free as they receive Transport allowance worth 1600 pm - 3200 pm While doing Field duty, they receive Field area allowance which is 25% of basic pay; i.e. 6700 pm For counter insurgency activities , they receive 6300 pm Officers working on high altitudes gets an allowance of 5600 pm Those posted in Siachen , receive an allowance of 14,000 pm Flying allowances are 9,000 pm

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Those in Parachute regiments , receive 12,00 pm more allowance Special forces gets an extra Allowance of 9,000 pm Gallantry awards also comes with additional allowances There is Technical Pay too Life Long Pension for retired Soldiers Qualification Pay , which can be anything between 6,000 - 20,000 pm After every 3 years officers get outfit renewed allowances of 14,000 Entitled Rations Officers get an annual leave of 2 months and casual leave of 20 days Officers get 50% concession on Air Travel

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They get the passes for free train travel once a year A completely free medical facility for self and family Housing in Clean Cantonments all over India Canteen facilities at a very low price. Big Insurance Covers Group Housing Schemes in Big and Metro cities. Loans on very Low interest. While doing Field duty, they get separate family accommodation. Enhancement of leave up to 300 days. Foreign Postings

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Excerpt from Leela Samson Daughter of Admiral Samson (Ex commandant of NDA) The academy not only put cadets 'through their paces', but equally every officer and his wife, their children, ayahs and every tinker, tailor and candle-stick maker that lived there. Situated in a shallow valley surrounded by a range of mountains, Khadakvasla looked down on a beautiful lake on one side, across which, on a clear morning, you felt you could touch one of Shivaji's fortresses called Simhgarh perched on the next range of mountains. At the base of this mountain was the Film Institute of India, which had just been set up….. You cannot live 'the service life' without getting attached to the soil of the place you are in. So many memories, so much joy, so much to be grateful for. It was the best life a child could have in India. The services taught us tolerance—actually tolerance was not a word in our dictionary then; it was more like a deep bond of affection, a feeling of true camaraderie and brotherhood with people of diverse social class, region and religion. And there was no self-consciousness about it. We felt as close to our jawan brothers as we did to our parents' colleagues. Everyone participated together in celebration and sorrow. It was like the seamless yet distinct lines of a patterned blanket.

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