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Plant Cell :

Plant Cell Sarah Garrison, Emily Lyman, Nayeli Torres Period: 8

A Community :

A Community We based our plant cell on a community .


Our cell wall is a river. The river surrounds the community. The river (cell wall) separates the community from another part of the county , it’s the border. Cell Wall

Cell Membrane :

Cell Membrane Our cell membrane is a toll booth. The toll booth controls what passes through. How the toll booth (cell membrane) works is you have to pay the toll to go through.

Nucleus :

Nucleus The nucleus in our community can be related to the town hall. The town hall (nucleus) is the control center of the community. Much like the nucleus of a cell.

Mitochondria :

Mitochondria The mitochondria is like the PSE&G . Like the PSE&G the mitochondria is the power house , it gives energy . The PSE&G give energy to everywhere in the community just like the mitochondria does for the cell .

Vacuole :

Vacuole A food store , stores the essentials needed. Which is similar to the vacuole which stores the materials from the cell.

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