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Dreams! : 

Dreams! By: Krista Russell

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The moon rose higher, Confused, loving dreams.

Slide 3: 

Whispers of a human heart, slowly shrink away.

Slide 4: 

Represented believed hope, perhaps his dreams melt away.

Slide 5: 

. I have never found, in any other person.

Slide 6: 

Her gorgeous personality, forever lost a long way, behind the past.

Slide 7: 

Unbroken promises &sorrows. recede before him.

Slide 8: 

One fine morning, not understood nor desired.

Slide 9: 

Old thoughts lurking, in dark fields.

Slide 10: 

Hastily joined, his dreams.

Slide 11: 

And temporarily closed, his hope made of powdery air.

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