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LOVE LOST By Mason Cushing

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Face to Face He held his breath.

Slide 3: 

Heart Broken

Slide 4: 

He prayed ten thousand times to repeat the past

Slide 5: 

His arms stretch out for love.

Slide 6: 

The love obscurity falls to the past

Slide 7: 

Confused and lonely

Slide 8: 

Hope fades to the shadow of tomorrow Unaffected personality of romantic gestures

Slide 9: 

And gifts of hope Melt away.

Slide 10: 

The old Love

Slide 11: 

Melts away like foul dust

Slide 12: 

Under an Autumn moon.

Slide 13: 

A new world of a shadowy past Slowly comes to an end.

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