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A z t e c s By Aoife and Sarah

Facts :

Facts Aztecs have 18 months in 1 year There were only 20 days in 1 month They settled in Mexico 700 years ago They invented CHOCOLATE!!! They believed there were 13 heavens and 9 underworlds


Chocolate!! The first people to make chocolate were the Aztecs They mixed ground cacao and spices such as chili to make a hot frothy drink they called chocolate! We owe a lot to the Aztecs for inventing chocolate!!

The hairstyles:

The hairstyles The way the Aztecs wore their hair told a lot about them Married woman wore their hair in “ knots” on the top of their heads The boys had long hair and a fringe, this hairstyle told people that the boy did not kill anyone in battle.

Some more facts!! :

Some more facts!! They were the native A mericans in Mexico. They were Nomads ( people who never stay in the same spot to live) Tenochtitlan which is now modern day Mexico city in 1325

Food glorious Food!!!:

Food glorious Food!!! They ate crickets, salamander, howler monkey, dog (a lot), frog spawn, tadpoles They drank cactus wine and just plain old water Chocolate was only for successful warriors

Aztec video!!!!!!! :

Aztec video!!!!!!!

Aztec Art:

Aztec Art The Aztecs were very artistic, they created mosaics and patterns as well as colourful clothing, buildings, ceremonial knives, head dresses. Many things were decorated with jewels and feathers.


Sacrifice The Aztecs believed that if you sacrificed a warrior, their crops would flourish. To do this, they painted a red dot on their heart so they wouldn’t hit there. They would hit lots of different places so it would be like a blood sprinkler. They also thought that if you scarified 10,000 people to the sun god, more sun would shine s on their garden

Weird but true facts!!!!:

Weird but true facts!!!! Aztecs ate sort of gum Made from tree resin and crushed insects Cacao beans were their money They drank cactus wine


Schools Every child went to school, including girls and slaves which is unusual because in I reland they didn’t . Imagine going to school without any lunch breaks, if you were a child in the time of the Aztecs then that would be the case! If you behaved badly you were poked with a cactus!


Slaves Unlike parents today if your child was too skinny or they couldn't afford to look after you, you were sold as a slave! Another way you could become a slave was if committed a crime, you would become a slave. These are the only ways to become a slave .

Aztec Gods:

Aztec Gods Huitzilopochtli : was a warrior sun god, who needed blood sacrifice to help him win the battles against darkness Tláloc : the god of rain. He is sometimes shown goggle eyes, fangs, and a curled nose . Children had to be scarified to make this god happy! Quetzalcoatl : he had been the creator of humans but on the day of the Spanish arrival it was also Quetzalcoatl’s birthday. Maybe he didn’t get enough sacrifice cake!

Bye Bye Aztecs:

Bye Bye Aztecs The Aztecs were conquered by the Spaniards by 1533 The reasons were : The Spanish had new strange weapons, The Spanish brought new diseases like small pox that the Aztecs immune system couldn’t fight which killed them off completely! Spanish= Aztecs=

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