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HR POLICIES By Mrunalini B. Rane:

HR POLICIES By Mrunalini B. Rane

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HR policies provide an organization with a mechanism to manage risk by staying up to date with current trends in employment standards and legislation.

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Purposes HR policies allow an organization to be clear with employees on: The nature of the organization What they should expect from the organization What the organization expects of them How policies and procedures work What is acceptable and unacceptable behavior The consequences of unacceptable behavior

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Each company has a different set of circumstances, and so develops an individual set of human resource policies HR Policies of Hi Tech e Terminal Services Pvt Ltd

Recruitment Policies Sourcing Candidates:

Recruitment Policies Sourcing Candidates Internal Recruitment External Recruitment Buddy Recruitment


Interview Joining Formalities Salary Account Appointment Letter Personal File Probation Period

Identity Card Policy :

Identity Card Policy Eligibility of ID Card General Guidelines

Working Hours and Attendance :

Working Hours and Attendance Hours of work -Lunch break -Tea break -Weekly off Attendance Use of swipe card Late coming

Dress Code Policy :

Dress Code Policy Business Office Attire Monday to Thursday Friday and Saturday For FSE

Leave Policy :

Leave Policy Annual Leave upto 21 days Accumulate/Carry forward maximum 42 days Maternity Leave Paternity Leave

Salary Policies :

Salary Policies Statutory Deduction Provident Fund- 12% on Basic salary E.S.I.C.-1.75% on Gross salary Professional Tax-with the Slabs Prescribed Income Tax

Performance Appraisal Policy :

Performance Appraisal Policy Have to review on foll Parameters Job knowledge Quality Of work Committment Dependability & Confidence Interpersonal Skills Time Management Teamwork And Initiative

Misconduct Policy :

Misconduct Policy To provide guidelines and procedures within which the employees have freedom to operate and provide transparency in attitude, skill and behaviour requirements

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Penalties Verbal warning Recorded warning Final warning Dismissal Demotion Transfer

Office Equipment Usage And security Policy:

Office Equipment Usage And security Policy Telephone Calls Internet Usage Printer and photocopier Usage

Exit Policy :

Exit Policy Resignation 15 days + in case of probation period 30+ for confirmed employee 60+ for senior management


Exit Interview Termination Retirement


SEXUAL HARASSMENT POLICY Established to further emphasize the commitment of HiTech ensure proper treatment of employees in the workplace and to set clear guidelines .


Purpose : The purpose of this policy is to stress on HiTech’s strong opposition to sexual harassment and to provide the complaint procedures available to victims, as well as the disciplinary penalties that could be imposed for sexually harassing conduct or behavior by managers, co-worker, or visitors.

Grievance Handling Policy:

Grievance Handling Policy It seeks to foster a quality work environment for all its associates and encourages a high level of individual and team contribution in support of business goals. If one encounter such difficulties , they are encouraged to discuss them with immediate manager

Absconding Policy :

Absconding Policy Abandonment Of Services

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