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Students will learn about musical families and thier instruments. They will answer questions about the families and instruments.


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PowerPoint Presentation by: Stephanie Miller Musical Instrument Families

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1. Have your paper and pencil ready! Instructions You will need to click the FORWARD icon at the bottom of the slide to go to the next page. 3. If you need to go back a page, click the BACK icon on the slide. 5. There will be a question to answer on each slide. Click on the question then write the answer to the questions on your paper ! Check your answer. FORWARD BACK 4. Read each page carefully before you move on!!

Musical Families : 

Musical Families There are four families of musical instruments. Strings Woodwinds Brass Percussion Each family is unique and has similar characteristics. Question #1

Question #1 : 

Question #1 What are the names of the four musical families? Write your answer on your paper. Check your answer!

Strings : 

Strings The members of the string family include two types of instruments: bowed and plucked. The standard bowed string instruments, from highest to lowest, are: violin, viola, cello, and double bass. The harp and guitar are common plucked string instruments. Question #2

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Question #2 What are the names of the four instruments that you play with a bow? Check your answer! Write your answer on your paper.

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Single Reed Instruments clarinet bass clarinet saxophones Woodwind Instruments are made of wood, metal, plastic or some combination. Woodwinds have lots of metal caps called keys that cover the holes of most woodwind instruments. Some woodwinds use a thin piece of cane called a reed, which vibrates when you blow across it. Woodwinds Question #3 & #4 The flute and piccolo have lots of keys, but do not use a reed. Double Reed Instruments oboe bassoon English horn

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Question #3 & #4 What are the names of the four single reed instruments? What two instruments do not use a reed? Check your answer! Write your answer on your paper.

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Brass Question #5 Brass instruments are made out of metal with either a cup- or funnel-shaped mouthpiece. The tone is produced by vibration or “buzz” of the lips as the player blows into the mouthpiece. High Brass Instruments play in treble clef and have a high sound: trumpet, cornet, bugle, French horn Low Brass Instruments play in bass clef and have a low sound: trombone, tuba, baritone horn, euphonium, Sousaphone

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Question #5 Check your answer! Name two high brass instruments and two low brass instruments. Write your answer on your paper.

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Question #5 Percussion The percussion family is the largest in the orchestra. Percussion instruments include any instrument that makes a sound when it is struck, shaken, or scraped Percussion Instruments you STRIKE timpani xylophone cymbals triangle snare drum bass drum chimes celestia piano Percussion Instruments you SCRAPE guiro washboard Percussion Instruments you SHAKE tambourine maracas beaded shakers rainsticks

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Question #6 Check your answer! Name an instrument you shake. Name an instrument you strike. Name an instrument you scrape. Write your answer on your paper.

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