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Famous Structures:

Famous Structures John 6A 2011

Golden Gate Bridge:

Golden Gate Bridge This bridge was built between 1933 and 1937 by Joseph Strauss. It sits 220 feet above the water and is 1.7 miles long. It is 4,200 feet high in the middle of the bridge , and 90 feet wide.

Taipei 101 Tower:

Taipei 101 Tower This tower is located in Taiwan, and was designed by C.Y. Lee. It was finished in 2004. Its height is 1,670 feet and has 101 floors.

The Petronas Towers:

The Petronas Towers These towers are in Kuala Lumper , Malaysia. The designer is Cesar Peli . It was finished in 1998. It is 1,483 feet high and has 88 stories.

Eiffel Tower:

Eiffel Tower This tower is 324 feet high. It was made from iron, so it could withstand wind and is very light. It was finished in 1889. It was the tallest tower for 40 years.

Saint Louis Gateway Arch:

Saint Louis Gateway Arch This arch is found by the Mississippi River in Missouri. It is 630 feet high, and it’s the tallest man made monument in the U.S. It’s 60 feet into the ground.

The Pantheon:

The Pantheon This dome was destroyed by fire two times. Then it was rebuilt in 126 A.D. It was rebuilt by Emperor Hadrian.

CN Tower:

CN Tower This tower is in Toronto, Canada. It was constructed by John Andrews. It was finished in 1976, and it’s 1,815 feet high.

Space Needle:

Space Needle It is in Seattle, Washington. It was created by John Graham. It was finished in 1961, and its 605 feet tall.

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