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Animals From Around The World!:

Animals From Around The World! Faith 6B

Giraffes :

Giraffes are know for their long necks. They also have blue tongues because the blood flow doesn’t go to them. They have oddly shaped spots. They live in Africa and in the zoos. Giraffes


Zebras are white with black stripes. They are in the same family as the giraffe. They live in A frica and in zoos. Zebras


Chinchillas are small and grey. They have short, soft, and fuzzy fur. They are very cuddly. They live in Chile, South America, and in zoos. Chinchillas

Koala Bears:

Koala Bears are known for their fuzzy and soft fur. They also have very large ears. They live in South America and in zoos. Koala Bears

Wild Horses:

Wild horses are known for their hooves. They are not very common now. They usually hung around by fields and water. They lived in North America. Wild Horses


Bobcats have leopard, silky fur. They look like large cats. They are very aggressive. They live in South America and in zoos. Bobcats


Alligators are green, brown, or greenish brown. They have scaly skin and there are scales on its eyes to help them see prey. Their hearts can beat for up to 8 hours after its death. They live in North America and in zoos. Alligators

Black Bears:

Black Bears are black with long fur. They can be very aggressive and hang around by water. They live in North and South America and in zoos. Black Bears

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