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Eating Habits:

Eating Habits Polar bears eat many different things. Seal is the main dish! To catch a seal, the bear will wait at the seal’s air hole. Then, CHOMP! The seal gets it’s head bit. If the bear wants, it’ll eat kelp. It’s the largest carnivore on land. It has different teeth than most bears. It has 42 teeth. Whoa, they eat a lot!


Cubs These cubs are interesting little critters. These little fluff balls are born in winter. The mother has one-four cubs at a time. The cubs get nursed for two years. Their rich milk has 30% fat, and helps cubs grow faster. Cubs are full grown at two years old. They can mate at age six. They are born in November. These adorable critters are fascinating.

Fun/ Weird Facts!:

Fun/ Weird Facts! Scientists have seen a mother polar bear jump at a helicopter to protect her cubs! Most live alone. Some dens have 3 chambers. Polar bears no have enemy but human. Their black skin helps absorb sun. Both genders can live to 30. Sharp claws help kill prey.


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