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Polar Bear Facts:

Polar Bear Facts By: Avery

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Polar Bears are good at finding food. A Polar Bears diet is 90% seal. Sometimes if they can’t find food they will eat garbage for food so they don’t starve. Most times Polar Bears will wait by a seals breathing hole to get the seal, but when the seal pops up the Polar Bear will grab it. Rarely Polar Bears will eat Killer Whales.

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Polar Bear are Mammals they give birth to live young. Polar Bears give birth between November and February. Polar Bears nurse from 0 to 2.5 years old. Can you believe that Polar Bear mothers don’t eat for 8 months after giving birth. Did you Polar Bears are ready to mate when they are 5 to 6 years old. During the first year the cubs eat solid food but still nurse. Watch out for baby Polar Bears!

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Polar Bears are hard to hunt for. Polar Bears do not have many real enemies only Whales and humans. The worst enemy is humans we use to kill Polar Bears for their skin to keep warm. You need to keep warm in the Artic. This is a picture of seals laying o a beach.

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