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A carbon brush is a sliding contact which is used to transmit electrical current from a static to a rotating part in a motor or generator and in DC machines. This ensures a spark-free commutation. Choice of brush plays a major role in the perfo rmance of the rotating machine. Implementation of carbon b rush It is fitted in a brush holder designed to hold in an appropriate position and allow the brush to run on the surface of the commutator or slip ring collector to transfer electricity at an optimized performance. Operating parameters Carbon brushes work in three parameters namely: mechanical electrical and physical/chemical. Brushes made with high copper performs well with very low voltages and high electricity whereas brushes made with high carbon content performs well in high voltage and low electricity. Dense carbon brushes with low friction and low contact drop operate with very low losses and high electricity. Various brush material grades There are two major grades of brushes including: electrographite and metal graphite. Electrographite are used for commutation and collection of biggest range of applications on DC drives and AC rings. Metal graphite brushes are used for collecting of low voltage application on low voltage or collection of high current. Few tips on safety measures It is essential that basic safety measures are observed. For example ensure the machine is fully isolated before any work commences. Safety precautions and face masks should be used when bedding brushes. Conclusion Using carbon brushes you can increase the lifespan of machines. They also act as self-lubricators. Search for workzone carbon brushes for use in electric motors power tools and so on. For power tools drills grinders sanders planers multitools and other power tools you can use JCB carbon brushes. CONTACT US : MR-CARBON-BRUSH Edward Hughes Mr_carbon_brushmail.com Unit 23 Leven Road Townhead Coatbridge Lanarkshire ML5 2LB United Kingdom 07835860118

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