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Carbon Brushes an integral part of electric motors, alternators and electric generators are available at competitive prices. They can even be custom made to meet your requirements.


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A machine assembles a wide range of spare parts that play an essential role in its operation. Carbon Brush is one of such essential parts in a DC motor. Carbon Brushes also are known as motor brushes. It is a small part within the motor. This part conducts electric current between the rotating wires or the rotor and the stationary wires within the generator or motor. The primary function of the part is to collect or deliver current from the electric machine. The manufacturers use one or more carbon blocks to design carbon brush. A generator contains more than one carbon brush for conducting electric current. The manufacturers design the part with different specifications to suit different motors performing varying applications. The part also equips one or more terminals/shunts. The brush must maintain close contact with the rotating part to ensure spark-free operation. It also prevents wearing of the brush. Take proper care of the spare parts to maintain proper functions The carbon brushes get classified by three operating parameters i.e. electrical mechanical and physical. It is essential to use the best grade carbon brush and check the issues in intervals to maintain the durability and ensure proper working. You need to check the clearance between the brush holder and the brush for ensuring its stability and perfection in sliding. Check the warnings of wear and the copper dust. Clean the air filters to provide clean air into the motor.

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You need to purchase Titan Brushes of high grade and ensure proper function of the motor. You can get the best grade products from a reliable company Explore the wide range of available products Mr Carbon Brush Mr Carbon Brush is the company you can trust for the best grade products. Visit and explore the stock of essential parts required at your workshop. Mr Carbon Brush brings a wide range of products of high quality and at an affordable price range. Check the catalog before purchasing the products CONTACT US: MR-CARBON-BRUSH Edward Hughes Unit 23 Leven Road Townhead Coatbridge Lanarkshire ML5 2LB United Kingdom 07835860118

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