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Now get cheap bargain EBay 1000 watt rated Evolution carbon brushes which are rated 2200 watt have quality carbon and thick braided copper wire to suit all Electric Motors, Power Tools, Cordless and Garden machinery.


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Einhell Carbon Brushes All that you need to know about using carbon brushes What is a Carbon Brush Carbon brushes are critical consumable parts of a motor and are installed within the motors power tools cordless at home and garden appliances. They help in conducting electricity between the rotating wires rotor and the stationary wires stator. They are located near shafts that rotate the motors in all household appliances. The brushes are also called motor brush. The brushes are made with one or more carbon blocks and one or more shunts or terminals. There is more than one brush in a motor. They fall under five brushes-grade families such as Carbon Graphite Electrographites Graphite Metal Graphite each come with a specific purpose based on the functions of motors or appliances. Let us have a look at the three kinds of functions a carbon brush performs. Mechanical Function The shaft is fixed with a slip ring or commutator. The brush is set in contact with the slip ring or commutator using a spring. The slip ring or commutator must not have a smooth/glossy surface for good contact and functioning. Electrical Function The rotating shaft in contact with the carbon brush transmits electricity.Small contact spots are placed evenly on the brush that touch the slip ring or commutator. This balances the brush and from getting damaged.Carbon brushes with high resistance are the best as it helps to prevent arcing at the interface between the brush and commutator/slip ring. Physical/Chemical Attribute The slip ring or commutator needs air humidity to function. In dry places as in the desert the brush needs special treatments. When brushes are exposed to corrosive vapors and gases

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again special treatment is needed. The brush must also be protected from oil and dust.The brushes must be kept clean and protected from abrasion. Types of carbon brushes Carbon brushes fall under a wide range of types such as motors alternators generators grounding devices and current and signal transmission. There are various models serving a specific purpose and functions. For a comparative study let us look at some of the most trusted brands. Einhell carbon brushes are very good electricity conductors with high resistance. Evolution brushes or Rage 3 brushes increase electric motor performance enhancing the durability of the motors. Titan Brushes are good and easily available in the market. These are used in drills and its accessories grinders and other hand tools. How to detect a worn-out carbon brush A few tips to detect any damage to the carbon brushes If a motor does not run in full steam or has stopped functioning it is time to replace the carbon brush. There might be minimal sparks when the motor is functioning due to the brushes rubbing against the motor armature. However if there are abnormal sparks you need to check the brush for any wear and tear. Conclusion Why is it important to use carbon brushes in a machine They help reduce wear and tear of the commutators in motors as they are made of metal. A few tips to maintain the carbon brushes. First and foremost review the brush stability by checking the space between the holder and the brush. This clearance in-between helps the brush to slide well. Also you must check the distance from the holder to the commutator to check if the holder is at an appropriate angle. Keep checking the brush at proper intervals to keep the motor functioning in good condition. CONTACT US: MR-CARBON-BRUSH Edward Hughes Mr_carbon_brushmail.com Unit 23 Leven Road Townhead Coatbridge Lanarkshire ML5 2LB United Kingdom 07835860118

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