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Carbon Brushes an integral part of electric motors, alternators and electric generators are available at competitive prices. They can even be custom made to meet your requirements.


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Carbon Brushes and its Usage: In pitch structures with DC motors or slip rings our carbon brushes can permanently be reliable. Flawlessly matched materials enable very high reliability even under extreme conditions. Very good confrontation to wear and very good data transmission with our resources excite across the whole line. EVOLUTION BRUSHES are one of the fundamental parts of a working electric motor. They can be defined as the element which makes the connection between the static part and the moving parts inside an electric motor rotor. Einhell Carbon Brushes for electrical motors are elements which it´s intended use is to put the required pressure over the collectors or the rotatory rings hence the contact can be made for the electrical current. Types of Electric motor Brushes: There are depending on the base material different groups of electrical brushes: Amorphous carbon: Usually used in electro-portatil tools. Ideal for small motors with high speed revolutions. Electro-Graphite: Used in loading machines. Special material for continuous current motors and ringed alternate current motors over 25 Kw 20 H.p. and intensities around 300/400 amps. When this intensities are crossed we use the same material but with different additives. Metal-Graphitic: Usually utilized in forklifts and cranes as much in any motor subdued to very high intensities and low tension because this kind of

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brush offers a very low electrical resistance and is able to support a very high electric charge. Baquelitics: Once upon a time the most used of all materials. Nowadays more or less obsoletes in front of cheaper and/or lasting materials. They can support a high electrical charge during the starting time as they have a very resistive brushes. Among their advantages they can self-regulate the motor power but in the other hand they are very ductile. Flat brushes: Made with very compact materials and specially destined to small spaces applications with a high level of conductivity like dynamos or lightning rods. This is the only type pf brush were the composition can vary substantially form one application to another. CONTACT US: MR-CARBON-BRUSH Edward Hughes Unit 23 Leven Road Townhead Coatbridge Lanarkshire ML5 2LB United Kingdom 07835860118

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