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“How the amount of water affects bean growth rate” : 

“How the amount of water affects bean growth rate” Cristina Castillo Rocio Garcia Nicole Whitbeck

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Description The purpose of this lab is to see how water affects the bean’s growth rate. To find this the plants are watered every 2 days and each plant receives different amounts of water. Each week the plants are measured, to get accurate measurements and to see which plant grew the most efficiently.

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HYPOTHESIS The limit for the amount of water a plant needs to grow to its maximum potential is 10 mL of water daily. Equipment and materials used: 40 plastic cups 40 beans Soil Water Graduated Cylinder Ruler

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Experimental Group The groups of plants that will receive less than 25 mL of water daily (5, 10, 15, and 20 mL) and the groups that receive more than 25 mL daily (30, 35, and 40 mL). Control Group The group of plants that will receive 25 mL daily of water (this is the average rainfall in Guatemala). Variables Dependent: The growth of the plant Independent: The amount of water that the plants receive. Constant factors All plants will receive the same amount of sunlight and will be kept in the same environment.

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Procedure Label and organize the 40 cups according to the amount of water they will receive. Make drain holes to the cups. Put same amount of soil in each cup and place one bean inside each cup. Measure water in Graduated Cylinder according to what amount of water each cup is supposed to have and water each one daily. Every other day, measure the height of each plant and record observations in chart.

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