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Changing Hair Color depending on pH of substance : 

Changing Hair Color depending on pH of substance Adrian Bauer, Jorge Paiz

Introduction and Hypothesis : 

Introduction and Hypothesis INTRODUCTION We heard that the hair color could be changed with hydrogen peroxide and ammonia so we tried to see which substance is more efficient in changing the hair color so we tried it with several substances. We would take the pH of the substance to see if the pH would make an influence. HYPOTHESIS   When the pH of the substance is too low of too high, the hair color will change.

Experimental Design : 

Experimental Design Equipment and materials used: Water Pepsi Bleach Ammonia Alcohol Starch Mineral water Pepto-Bismol Soap and water Syrup Lemon juice Containers Hair Procedure: Gather materials Find the pH of each substance (write it on data table) Fill up the containers with the substances and place a sample of hair in it Experimental Group: Every sample of hair tested Control Group: Hair with no substance variables: Dependent: color of the hair Independent: substances   Constant factors: Hair with no substance.

Tables : 


Graphs : 


Hydrogen Peroxide : 

Hydrogen Peroxide Hair color changed into a gold color and shinny

Bleach : 


Slide 12: 

The results we got for our experiment was that the ph of the substance does not affect the hair color. Our results show that the only substance that had an effect on the hair was the hydrogen peroxide that has a ph of 7. But here we had a problem because we had five other substances with the same ph and none of them had a change on the hair. Also we found out that none of the substances that had a greater ph nor did a lower one have a change on the hair. There were two interesting result one was the bleach and the other one was the lemon juice. The first one dissolved the hair wild the lemon juice turn itself into a pink color and the hair stayed the same. Our hypothesis was incorrect because we stated that the lower or the greater the ph of the substance the grater change was gone have in the hair. We decided to use that hypothesis because we know the substance that changes hair color is created by using ammonia a substance that has a ph of 14. By using that information we toughed that the higher and lower the ph of a substance the greater the change. We were incorrect because the only substance that had a change was hydrogen peroxide a substance that has a ph of 7. So our hypothesis was incorrect because none of the neither lower nor higher ph had a change on the hair. The sources of error we could had were that maybe the plastic containers were not good enough and the plastic absorbed the substance. Another one could be that maybe it had to be done under the sun or on a cold or hot temperture. The last source could be that we use black hair and the substances turned the hair black. The changes that could have been done to improve the investigation was that maybe use more types of hair color to see if the substances produces a change. Use more substances with a not so high and not so low ph. Maybe exposed the substances with the hair to the sun and used the shade and he sun as variables.         The results our experiment gave us can be used for a person that wants to change their hair color and does not have enough money he can buy the substance and use it, our to try to create a new substance that changes hair and is cheaper than the one there is.

Conclusions : 

Conclusions The only solution that changed the hair color was hydrogen peroxide Neither the ammonia nor the hydrochloric acid had a changed on hair our prediction was wrong The ph that changed the hair color was seven The ph that destroy the hair was 3 bleach Ethanol was evaporated 10 substances did not change the hair

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