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BREAD ROTTING The effects of bread under different substances Rily Kim Darinka Gomez 2010,11,2

Why we did this experiment… : 

Why we did this experiment… We made this experiment to see under what substance will bread rot the fastest.

Hypothesis… : 

Hypothesis… If milk is added to a piece of bread then it would rot faster.

How was it carried out? : 

How was it carried out? We had 9 substances and 10 pieces of bread to test Add 5mL each substance into the different pieces of bread.

Observations… : 

Observations… The milk was the substance that rotted the bread the fastest.

How were results analyzed? : 

How were results analyzed? In the results there were only change in color. So we made the observations as the colors changed. The colors we saw were: - Yellow - black - orange - green - brown

How to improve? : 

How to improve? We could improve by… Covering each of the cups so they don’t get contaminated. Using the same brand for the substances. Using substances that have about same amount of antiseptics.

Results proving hypothesis… : 

Results proving hypothesis… The results do prove our hypothesis. The milk rotted the most and the fastest. The other substances decomposed slowly.

Conclusions… : 

Conclusions… From all of the substances we chose to test, milk rotted the most and the fastest. This was because it had less antiseptics that the other substances (except for water and saltwater). Also because the bread can’t stay outside the refrigerator for a long time.

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