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Women in Space :

by: Samantha Lane, Neve Heether, and Molly Ross “ The Power Puff girls” Women in Space


Almost Astronauts Taking Off “ A nnie, please come , you are so boring. Lea A nnie’s best friend invited her to a big dinner party at Leas house. Lea told A nnie all about the astronauts that were going to be there, including the “space teacher.” So she decided to go to the dinner party. Christa and Annie began to talk and A nnie became more interested in her career. Inspired by C hrista’s courage in training to be the first teacher in space, and decides to take charge of her own future starting with a road trip to see the space shuttle, the Challenger launch. Nearly 20 years before the first women were allowed into NASA’S astronaut program, a group of 13 woman proved that they were not only as tough as men but also that they were brave enough to challenge the government. Almost astronauts tells the story of the 13 mercury who were denied the chance to fly. They fought for their rights and proved men wrong. Summary

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Nonfiction Fiction Alike

History Events:

ALMOST ASTONAUTS (nonfiction) presents the historical events of the struggle 13 women had getting recognized to be able to be an astronaut. And even though they passed the test to become an astronaut the Government and NASA Officials did not accept them. But in the end even though the Mercury 13 did not achieve their goal, the author does list more current events of how much further women have come since then. TAKING OFF (fiction) does not discuss much about historical events but does talk about Christa going into space and that women were not always treated fairly. The author tells a story that is mostly made but wants to make a point of how women were thought of back then and how they had to fight for themselves. History Events

Historical Characters:

In the book TAKING OFF they do not touch on many characters other than Christa. The book is mainly about a girl named Annie and how she looked up to Christa. The books focuses on a made up story not facts. The authors feelings towards the two main characters were as if it was someone comparing their own personal story to the story of Christa and Annie. This book focused mainly on only historical character which was Christa and who we believe made her out to be the person she was portrayed as. In the book ALMOST ASTONAUTS the characters presented are talked about in a honest matter and I believe based on facts. Although it seems odd in todays world how the characters acted towards women it is because of women like the characters in this book that we are respected today. I do not believe people were left out and I would not know because we did not grow up during those times. Historical Characters


Taking off The message of this book is to never give up on your dreams and always take chances! Christa did something amazing, she became the first teacher in space and never game up on her dreams. The message of this book is that you have to fight for your own rights because women weren't aloud to fly in space. People thought women were not as strong as men and women wanted to prove that they were as strong. Theme Taking Off Almost Astronauts


Conclusion I would recommend both books to any readers that are interested in space. Almost astronauts is a good book to read if you are interested in learning about some history from the past. Taking off Is a book that talks about the challengers explosion. This book really keeps you interested and wanting to read more. I would only recommend one book, taking off. I would recommend this book to someone else because I think it’s interesting, informative, yet keeps me on the edge of my seat. I would not recommend almost astronauts to anyone because its informative, and not fun. Its not for kids. I would recommend the book almost astronauts because its very interesting. It tells you how women fought for there rights to be an astronaut. Although the beginning of the book wasn’t very interesting, it started to get better towards the middle. This book is for anyone who would like to know more about how females were aloud to fly.

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This report was prepared by Neve Heether , Molly Ross and Samantha Lane 2013

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The history of women in space turned 50 years old this June 2013 and marks the 50th anniversary of Soviet cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova's landmark 1963 flight, which launched her into history as the first woman to fly to space . Tereshkova circled the Earth 48 times during her time as the pilot onboard the Vostok 6 spacecraft . Today , 57 of the 534 people that have flown to space are women It took 20 years after Tereshkova's launch for Sally Ride to become the first American woman in space, but since that time, more than 40 women have flown to orbit as NASA astronauts. NASA currently has 12 active female astronauts.

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