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The Girl to Remember :

The Girl to Remember The Passengers Christina, Tommy, Daniel 9/9/13

Summaries :

Summaries A Night to Remember: The book A Night to remember explained and described all the details as it was happening. All of the fights and talks were all in the book. There was also information about the ship. In the front of the book. There was a list of the survivors in the back of the book. It gave lots of very important information and facts about the titanic. Also and how it sank. It told you what was happening while the Titanic was sinking. The Girl who Came Home: In April 1912 Maggie Murphy is going to America. Maggie has to leave the love of her life Seamus. While on the Titanic Maggie sent a telegram to Seamus. But since the Titanic hit the iceberg, Seamus didn’t get all of what she said. The Titanic eat the iceberg and started to sink. Maggie survived. She came home on the rescue ship called the Carpathia. In Chicago Grace Butler learned that her Great Nana Maggie was on the Titanic. Grace gets a phone call asking about the missing love letters and who else was on the Titanic.


Genre Important elements of fiction: Took place in a time and location or setting which may or may not be real. First point of view is the perspective of a character in the story. Third person point of view is the perspective of a narrator outside the story. Important elements of non fiction: nonfiction deals only with real people, events, or ideas. Nonfiction presents facts or discusses ideas, that may reflect the historical context of the time period, including references to major cultural information. Genre similar: One genre is real and the other on is fake. Genre different: One is made up and the other one is real, with real people, events, and places.

Historical Events:

Historical Events A Night to Remember It happens in the same order as it happened in real life. (A N ight to Remember) All the women refused to get on the lifeboats because of their husbands and sons. (A Night to Remember) They showed and explained how the ship was built, in the beginning of the book. The Girl who came Home It talks about the made up characters. I think the feelings are sad because when there family members and friends died, it was sad to watch. I think no it doesn't leave out any important events.

Historical Characters:

Historical Characters The Nonfiction presents these people by showing an telling that there real. I think the author’s feelings towards them are that when the Titanic sank he felt bad for them. He always makes the characters seem happy and nice. The fiction presents these people by made up characters. I think no, the author does not make them seem better than they really were. I think the author didn’t leave any important people out.

Theme :

Theme 1. Both Stories tell young readers that its important that kids should know about history that happened in the past. 2. That kids are learning more about the Titanic, while reading these books

Conclusion :

Conclusion Tommy: I thought that A Night to Remember was better because it told the real historical events about the Titanic. Daniel: I also thought A Night to Remember was also better because like Tommy I liked it because it told the real story of the Titanic. Christina: I liked A Night to Remember better because it gave more information about what happened that night that the Titanic sank.

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