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A Teenage Experience:

A Teenage Experience The No-Names Members: Amanda McKenney, Gianna Schwinger, Robert Winkler, Ryan Woolerton. Due Date: September 9, 2013


Summaries D aniel’s Story: Daniel’s story is a fictional story about a teenager and his family trying to survive World War II while practicing the Jewish faith. Daniel and his family were moved to several different places, some for only short periods of time, but he spent most of his time in the ghetto of Lodz and Auschwitz (a concentration camp). Daniel met a girl named Rosa in Lodz, and they were in love. But then Daniel was moved to Auschwitz, and while he was there he met up with his father and a group of other men to take over the camp. The plan was successful and soon the Americans came to help Daniel and the remaining of his family returned to Lodz, for Daniel to meet Rosa. Rosa had survived and Daniel and Rosa got married. A nne Frank: When Adolf Hitler became chancellor of Germany, Anne Frank moved to Holland along with her family. When WWII began Anne and her family went into hiding in the secret annex. They moved in with another family (the Van Daans ). Burglars attempted to rob them many times which scared them because there was a chance of them getting discovered. Later as time passed another man named Dussel moved in with them. As the war was going on Anne began to get a crush on Peter Van Daan who was older than her. The war got more intense and soon the inhabitants of the annex were to be found and yes that moment came and that is where Anne ended her diary.


Genre Elements of Fiction: the characters and plot are made up, the setting may or may not be real, the story is told by a narrator, can be told from first or third POV, a theme is often included. Daniel’s story is not true and the characters are made up. The book is based of experiences off other people. Daniel survived the war, and the story was able to be completed because it was written long after the end of the war. Elements of nonfiction: deals with only real people, events and ideas, POV is from the perspective of the author, presents facts or discusses ideas, may reflect historical context. The experience Anne went through was entirely true, because she wrote the diary herself. Anne and her family died before the war was over. She was not able to complete her diary. Both Genres are similar because they both are about the same historical time period. They both took place during World War II between 1939-1945.

Historical Events:

Historical Events In The Diary Of A Young Girl , Anne presents the events from her POV showing how harsh and cruel the Nazis were to her and every other Jew. This persuades you to want to side with the Jewish because Anne didn’t give the entire story of why Adolf Hitler was doing this. It only showed what Anne herself was going through. Daniel’s Story gives you almost the entire story from the beginning of WWII to the end. The author present the events how they happened and gives the story of Adolf Hitler and shows what he was doing was wrong. I feel the author emphasized more so on how the Nazis ran their camps and what they did to the Jews.

Historical Characters:

Historical Characters Anne Frank characters: Anne Frank, Peter Van Daan, Margot Frank, Mr. & Mrs. Frank, Mr. & Mrs. Van Daan, Mr. Dussel . The Diary of A Young Girl the author presented the people just how they were. The author is Anne Frank and she gave her personal accounts and her opinion. She speaks of everyday life and the people that she interacted with on a daily basis. Anne gave honest opinions about how she felt about her family members and the people she lived with in hiding. For example, she did not get along with her mother. Anne Frank talks mostly about her family and friends she does not often mention the important historical characters of the time such as, Adolf Hitler . Daniel’s story characters: Daniel, Mother, Father, Erika, F riedrich, Rosa. In Daniel’s Story the author presented the characters as a typical family. The author makes them seem just how they were, he doesn't make them seem better then they were. The characters seems like people you could meet anywhere, however their situations were unique. This book also focuses on the personal relationships of Daniel and does not mention the important historical people such as Adolf Hitler.


Theme The theme of The Diary of a Young Girl is “make the best out of what you have”. This is the theme because even though Anne had to give up everything and go into hiding to save her life, Anne always had a positive look on life no matter how bad it was for her. Anne made the best out of what she had. The theme of Daniel’s story is never give up. The is the theme because no matter where Daniel was moved, how bad they treated him, or how many people he saw die he never gave up. Daniel tried his best to survive and he did. He worked hard and his hard work paid off. Because both stories are similar each theme can play into both stories as well.


Conclusions/Recommendations Ryan’s recommendation: “I would not recommend Anne Frank because it was a very repetitive and slow moving story. I would recommend Daniel's story because it interested me and made me want to learn more about the war.” Robby's recommendation: “They were both good books and I would recommend them to anyone who is interested in learning about World War II. I thought they were very educational and had important information.” Gianna’s recommendation: “I thought they were both good books. I personally liked Anne F rank because it told the real story of what they were experiencing during WWII as a Jewish family.” Amanda’s recommendation: “I would recommend both stories to readers who are interested in learning about WWII. For the story Anne Frank I would recommend the story to girls over boys. Both story's were very educational and interesting. Also they were inspiring to see what a teenager could do to help out their family and friends in a time of need.”

Wrap Up:

Wrap Up We hope you enjoyed our presentation on World War II Experiences.

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