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Anne and Daniel’s stories :

Anne and Daniel’s stories Created by W.W II veterans Daniel DaCosta , Harry Park and Nick Harkins Due Date: Sept. 9 th

Summaries of both books :

Summaries of both books The Diary of a Young Girl Daniel’s Story Wrote a famous diary while hiding from the Nazis during World War II. Characters: Anne, Margot, Otto and Edith Frank, the Van Daan family, Dr. Dussel , Miep (secretary), Mr. Kraler and Mr. Koophuis (Mr. Frank’s business partners) Families hid in a secret annex above a warehouse in Amsterdam. Food and supplies were limited; Miep took care of them Anne didn’t have many people to talk to while hiding. She spent most of her time writing. Hid for 23 months before they were discovered and arrested. First person point of view; Daniel is main character. Daniel couldn’t remember what happened to him. Looks at the pictures of WWII and remembers. Fredrick, Daniel, Rosa, Daniel’s parents, and Erika. Daniel was living in Frankfurt, Germany. He was then sent to the Lodz ghetto and the Auschwitz extermination camp, both in Poland.


Genre Fiction (Daniel’s Story) Nonfiction (The Diary of a young girl) Fiction is about imaginary people, places and events. It may be very realistic. The important elements of fiction include: plot, setting, character, conflict, point of view, and theme. Nonfiction is about real people, events, and ideas. It may include point of view. Nonfiction may have a historical context and discuss ideas. SIMILARTIES: Both can be based on historical events. Both can be realistic. Both can teacher readers important lessons. Both can be written in a story or diary form. DIFFERENCES: Fictional characters come from the author’s imaginations and nonfiction characters are real people. Nonfiction includes real facts, information, and pictures. Fiction stories are made up.

Historical Events:

Historical Events The Diary of a Young Girl Anne doesn’t see what is happening outside because she is hiding. Anne inspires her readers to look for good in all people. “In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart.” She doesn’t know enough about what is happening to the Jews until she’s arrested. Anne’s story is mostly about her feelings and her emotions during hiding. Daniel’s Story Daniel witnesses everything firsthand because he is not hiding. This book is based on a museum exhibit so it includes many accurate historical events. Carol Matas (Author) uses Daniel’s point of view to teach readers to value and respect human life. Many facts are included because they have been researched.

Historical Characters:

Historical Characters A diary of a young girl Daniel’s story Anne is very honest in her opinion of other characters. She writes about how she really feels because it’s her diary. Because she was locked away from the rest of the world, her emotions are very tense and nervous. The author presents the characters realistically. The author uses historical events to shape what characters do. Daniel is also honest about how he feels about the other characters.


Theme Both stories try to tell the reader not to give up on hope even when things seem impossible. Another theme is to treat people the way you want to be treated. The most important thing that we should know in both stories: We need to learn from the past and never let something like this ever happen again.


Conclusion A Diary of a young girl Daniel’s story You can see the true emotions of a young girl during the devastating days It’s a nonfiction book, so everything in the book is true. You can learn a lot of things about what happened to Jews during the rein of Hitler. Since it is a fiction book, so it wasn’t really boring to read.



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