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The Romans Jackie Rosney , Danny Dwyer, Connor McGill Ancient Greece and the Trojan War Summer Reading

I Am The Great Horse:

I Am T he Great H orse Author: Katherine Roberts. Published in august 2006. I am the great horse was told in the perspective of the Macedonian kings warhorse. It showed the rise of Macedonia and the fall of the Greek empire. It was written in first person. It was historical fiction.

Dateline Troy:

Dateline Troy Author: Paul Fleischman. Dateline troy showed how the events and actions that occurred in the Trojan war can repeat themselves in events like the holocaust and other daily tragedies. This book was third person point of view and it was historical nonfiction.

The Fall of Greece:

The Fall of G reece These books showed us that the fall of the Greek empire was caused by the ancient Greeks hunger for power and greed. The king of Macedonia, Alexander, became very greedy and bloodthirsty and it caused him much grief and half of his army.

Historical events:

Historical events These books were a very good resource for information about ancient Greece. They showed its fall and how people used to live back then. They also presented how history repeats itself in the rulers actions such as Adolf Hitler.


Theme There were two themes of these books. Dateline troy told us that we haven't learned from our ancestors mistakes in history and that we make the same ones each and every day. I am the great horse showed how war can change people. The king Alexander was just a nice little boy when he entered h is first battle. By the end of the book he was a war and power crazed megalomaniac. All he wanted was power and money.

The Hate Page :

The Hate Page We completely hated these books! They were confusing, boring, and at some points not appropriate for children younger than us. It actually set some bad examples like if your enemy doesn’t a gree with you, kill them! Its also wrong to be married to two people while one of them is pregnant with your child. Dateline troy was not understandable and pointless. It was very difficult to realize what was happening in Greece while you were trying to keep track of the characters. And that is why we strongly disliked these books.

Thank you:

Thank you Thank you for listening to what we had to say about these books. We appreciate your time and attention.

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