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Royal Blue Services, LLC offers inexpensive carpet cleaning for homes, apartments, townhomes, mobile homes and rental units.(Residential & Commercial) (321-216-1442)

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We offer a Circular Dry Foam Shampoo Cleaning System for quick drying time, (usually in about 1 hour.) Best for majority of jobs! (321-216-1442)

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WITH OUR SERVICE:* FREE Deep Vacuuming * FREE Pre-Spot Treatment * FREE Deodorizer (321-216-1442)

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Royal Blue Carpet Cleaning is a company managed by a team with more than 20 years of experience in the cleaning industry. (321-216-1442)

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Royal Blue CARPET CLEANERS(The PRICE we SAY, is the PRICE you PAY!) Call Mark today and ask about our discount specials:321-216-1442

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