On This Holy of Holy Days


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Wanting to share both music and reflection on the incomprehensible Grace this day we recall embodies for all mankind!


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` On this Holy of Holy Days our eyes, mind and heart are on Jerusalem and the price that was paid for our restored relationship with God… FOREVER…. Unless we reject Him

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On this Holy of Holy Days we recall what LOVE of GOD really looks like…. He was willing to let His ONLY Beloved Son, suffer a terrible and shame-filled death so as to do two things: Restore His EVERLASTING Covenant with all MANKIND – with you and I , AND To PROVE that the Maker of Life has Power over DEATH

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On this Holy of Holy Days we recall what LOVE often requires A level of selflessness that is not often found today…. And PEACE COMES when surrender to LOVE, no matter the cost, is embraced.

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On this Holy of Holy Days we recall what LOVE brings and has brought to our world by so many who have sought to imitate HIS LOVE…. Whether they fully understood they were a model others were or would one day hold as remarkable… I will leave it to you to bring those individuals to mind…….

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On this Holy of Holy Days we recall that GOD, unlike human beings, cannot go back on HIS WORD…. So HIS LOVE is ours for the losing or not choosing to share in, renew in, bathe in, on a daily basis. Some may only turn to HIM on their death bed…… and HE will receive them!

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On this Holy of Holy Days we, if we have the courage, will watch THE PASSION of CHRIST and allow HIM to purify from our hearts, attachments that have taken hold of us and diminished His position, His place …. And allow Him to prune or purge those attachments as HE sees fit!

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On this Holy of Holy Days many , even many proclaimed Christians, will walk through this day without spending one minute with GOD….. And since you took the time to view this slide show, you are not one of those……. Choicest blessings, I love you in Jesus!

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