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Operations / WOC for non OPs members : 

Operations / WOC for non OPs members Mosman SES 2009

Overview : 

Overview Operation Centre RFA Why they are required How ops complete them How Rescue complete them RFA online Tasking Communication Comms Log How to complete Comms Log Job response procedure

Operation Centre Function : 

Operation Centre Function What ops do Every operation needs to be properly managed Operation Centres are set up and trained to coordinate, control , command and communicate in the event of a emergency. Control – the overall direction, i.e. Who is in charge. Command – the internal direction of the members and resources. i.e. Line of communication Coordination – brining together organisations and resources to support the response. Communications – transferring information between individuals and organisations Myth Answer emails and fetch tea and clean up after Rescue teams

Operations Centre Function : 

Irrespective of the size of the operation, the functions of and Operations Centre are to: Operations Centre Function Manage Information Control Operation Arrange reconnaissance Coordinate assistance from other agencies Develop plans Manager communications Analyse information Provide safety information and media releases Task teams and other resources Coordinate logistics Provide general support, including clerical support, displays and logs and radio or telephone operators

Operations Centres Org Chart – Medium operation : 

Operations Centres Org Chart – Medium operation

RFA : 

RFA RFA – Request for Assistance A critical part of the job process Used to collect information from the public/residences about a potential job (RFA) When the job is completed Rescue teams leaders need to complete the form to advise what action was taken. Ops take this information and put it back into RFA online. Is a legal record of what took place

RFA Process : 

RFA Process Storm damage Resident calls SES SES Ops or Duty Officer Respond Ops collect info for RFA Job assigned Job completed TL gives form to Ops TL completes job info done SES Ops complete RFA online Left - Map report for all jobs

RFA Information : 

RFA Information Why is it important we collect all the Information? Check if the job is a duplication Work out if another agency needs to be involved i.e. Energy Australia Allows for efficient job tasking Skills of rescue team and location Legal documentation Details the SES activity on private property

RFA Form – Paper version : 

RFA Form – Paper version

RFA Form – page one : 

RFA Form – page one 10 50 50 Awaba Street 50 Awaba Street Mosman Mosman 2088 2088 0404 590 897 9066 7099 3 Marty West Complete if reported by non-resident Information that needs to be collected while on the Call Complete by call operator while on call or immediately after To be used in tasking jobs Assigned by Ops A016 Questions to ask on the call What has happened Have you contacted any other emergency service When did the incident occur Are you the owner of the property Where is the damage to the property What type of building is it What type of roof Try and identify any hazards (powerlines, water burst)

RFA Form – page two : 

After every job the TL needs to complete this form to then hand to ops for records RFA Form – page two Alpha Mark Grima Holly Butler James Done Garry Rees Josh Shields Melinda Evens A016 Assigned by Ops Completed by TL or DTL Important to be completed legibly for legal record and easy transfer into RFA online Tree gum fallen on Dining room roof. Large hole apprx 1m diameter. Chainsaw tree from roof, acro probs remaining trunck Tarped roof with sand bags Chainsaw, acro probs Tarp Sand bags Twine Roof safety Contact Roof contractor and Insurance Provider Acro Props 2

Team Exercise : 

Team Exercise Complete and RFA Spend 5 min creating a job scenario individually Divide into pairs Take it in turns to call your job in and one person be the Resident and the other SES ops on the phone. Complete the RFA so it can be tasked. Resources – RFA forms, pens, paper

Tasking RFA : 

After RFAs come in they need to be assessed and tasked When tasking jobs to teams what should we consider? Team skills / construct (Training) Teams location (Geography) Job complexity and severity Threat to life Threat of further damage Occupant type (i.e elderly) Tasking RFA

Tasking Exercise : 

Divide into 2 Groups, Alpha and Bravo You need to task the RFA’s into two groups to be completed Considering team skills and their current location. Resources, Team construct, area map, RFA forms, paper and pens. Assign each RFA a job number. Tasking Exercise

Exercise Resource : 

Available team members Team 1 already in field 2 x Chain saw operator with GR and Storm damage 2 GR and Storm damage team members 1 new recruit with Induction and first aid Location: Bradley heads Road Members arriving at base in next half hour 3 GR qualified 3 GR and Storm qualified 2 new recruits with Induction, first aid and comms Location: Local HQ Exercise Resource

Comms - Radio Log : 

Comms - Radio Log One important thing to track is the messages over the Radio This allows tracking of all activities happening in the incident. Example Radio log

Group Exercise : 

Divide into 6 teams Mosman 1 Mosman Portable 1 Mosman Portable 2 Mosman 2 Mosman Portable 3 MosmanPortable 4 Group Exercise Channel 202 simplex Channel 170 simplex Assign Radio Channels and Radios Mosman 1 – in briefing room MP1 – back garage MP2 - compound Mosman 2 – in ops MP3 – front garage MP2 - street Need to simulate as if jobs are taking place and a radio log needs to be completed. Each group needs to keep the entire communications Radio log.

Ops Radio Exercise Questions : 

First conduct a radio check You need to assign a new job to team 1/3 Tree job at 2 Mosman Street, job number A098, contact Barry White. Catering status and requirements Rescue teams To report when arrival at job site Job completion Moving from one job to another Sit report after job reci Ops Radio Exercise Questions

Job response Procedure : 

Job response Procedure Storm damage Resident calls SES SES Ops or Duty Officer Respond Ops/Duty officer collect info for RFA DO or TL sends out page Ops/DO/TL – determine teams and task Unit members respond In Mosman there will be times when a general page is not sent out. These may be when particular skills are required that only a few members have, i.e. Flood boat or chainsaw. Alpha please text Josh if available for tree job tonight Not available - Anna Available - Evan Available from 6pm- Liam Team members notified of job details and when to meet

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