2015 Capital Budget Highlights


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Highlights of the Morris County NJ 2014 Proposed Capital Budget presented at the January 14, 2015 Freeholder public meeting.


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2015 Morris County Capital Budget:

2015 Morris County Capital Budget Capital Budget Committee: Freeholder David Scapicchio, Chair Freeholder Douglas Cabana Freeholder Kathryn DeFillippo The 2015 Morris County Capital Budget methodically and strategically authorizes $25,000,000 of debt permitting the County to responsibly respond to the most significant infrastructure needs. The careful and prudent analysis of future years planning has resulted in the development of a long-term capital plan that will reduce overall County debt while responding to ongoing Capital needs.

2015 Capital Budget Highlights:

2015 Capital Budget Highlights $6,186,000 for road resurfacing of 32 miles of roads within 20 Morris County municipalities. $2,886,000 for: The design of 4 Bridges The construction of 4 Bridges; and The construction of 2 Culverts $1,001,000 for the design and construction of an access road from West Hanover Avenue to the Central Park of Morris County campus $2,850,000 for Academic facility improvements for the County College of Morris $2,665,000 for the maintenance of County buildings and grounds. $2,061,000 for capital needs of the School of Technology

2015 Capital Budget Highlights:

2015 Capital Budget Highlights $1,200,000 to the County Park Commission for park improvements. $1,130,000 for various vehicles and equipment requested by the Morris County Sheriff’s Office. $966,500 towards improvements to Morris View Long Term Health Care Center. $597,700 for various Law and Public Safety equipment to maintain and minimize public safety and security concerns. $2,272,216 for maintenance of the Information Technology infrastructure.

Long Term Capital Planning 2016-2020:

Long Term Capital Planning 2016-2020 The Capital Budget Committee has reviewed the long term requests of each Department, and has developed a responsible Long Term Capital Improvement Plan that includes significant annual infrastructure investments in: Road Resurfacing Bridge Improvements Roadway Construction Park System Improvements This 2016-2020 Long Term Capital Improvement Plan also supports and facilitates the County’s ongoing overall reduction of Capital Improvement Debt initiative.

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