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Just register for free, choose the value of the card you want to purchase and pay in local currency. To know about the privileges of using Astropay, visit:


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SIMPLE AND EASY AstroPay Card is a prepaid virtual card, accepted at hundreds of online stores integrated with AstroPay. Just register for free, choose the value of the card you want to purchase and pay in local currency using the most popular payment methods in your country. It is an immediate solution, so you should not wait. Simply purchase your card, make your payment and receive an e-mail with your AstroPay Card details ready for use . It’s as simple as it looks. I don’t think AstroPay is popular in India, but as stated on its website if AstroPay is available in India then use it just like a credit card.


TRANSACTIONS AstroPay Card has made it simpler to conduct online transactions like Deposits and Withdrawals. MAKE A DEPOSIT Deposits or withdrawals are seemingly easy and can be done through net banking or Bitcoins. METHODS OF DEPOSIT The deposit to the AstroPay Account can be done in two ways: One can enter the account details after registration You can also make the purchase through Bitcoin Following the registration process, one can deposit the amount in the card through his bank account or debit card or credit card as the case might be. He can also choose to pay by Bitcoin and add the amount and click on the option BUY. The virtual card is ready to be used.


WITHDRAWAL THROUGH ASTROPAY The withdrawal from the AstroPay Card is as seamless as the deposit process. It can be done through the official site ( Login to your account from the home page or use this link Click on the ‘Redeem Card’ tab on the menu on the left side in your account area. You need to fill all the details (follow all instructions) in the form which appears on your screen. Ensure you choose the method in which you would like to receive your funds. Based on the mode of payment you chose, we will process your request. We send bank transfers or make Bitcoin payments at the moment. You can click on submit button after you complete all sections in the page. Your Redeem request is now placed. We will now receive your Redeem Request at our end and will process the Redeem request for you. You will receive you’re your funds based on the chosen method of receipt.


PAY ONLINE USING YOUR ASTROPAY CARD Reach the checkout page at the online store Choose AstroPay Card as your payment method Enter the 16-digit card number, security code (CVV) & expiration date (EXP DATE) You should see that your payment is confirmed instantly. Make deposits using standard bank transfer, Bitcoin payments or even AstroPay Cards!


BE YOUR OWN BOSS Through AstroPay Assign and monitor sub-resellers to create your own sales team. One can use AstroPay to create  a reseller list that is entrusted with the revenue generation through the promotions for the sale of AstroPay Cards.


SECURE AstroPay India Cards are secured and provide safeguarding the customer from any fraudulent activities.  Safe access to your account panel is done using registered static IP addresses or two-factor authentication. Besides the usual password, a second authentication either in the form of knowledge factors like a password, possession factor like a security token, inherence factors like biometrics or even a location or a time factor is included. 


CREATE ASTROPAY CARDS Unlike other cards which require filling online forms or tedious paperwork, a creation of AstroPay cards is easy. One can create AstroPay cards in any amount and start selling. The information on how to create AstroPay card is available on


EASE OF REGISTRATION AstroPay is a virtual card purchased online and every AstroPay Card code is totally unique. The advantage of holding an AstroPay card is that the customers need not worry about carrying the physical card and no registration process is required to use the service. Unlike other forms of payments where the chances of disclosure of financial information are high, AstroPay being fully compliant with the banking regulations in the country. We comply with all the legal and other regulations in each country. 


CONFIDENTIAL The customers’ registration information is protected by AstroPay’s privacy policy. Payments are made directly by the user and not by AstroPay Card so the personal and financial information will never be exposed online. One can use the funds available on virtual card so that you avoid overspending and minimizing your risk. No need to expose your personal or financial information.


FREE The registration of AstroPay card is free and the terms and conditions are clear. The customers can rest assured that there are no hidden charges associated with the card. One can register with the AstroPay free of cost by adding his particulars like name, Address, Country Code, Contact number and generate a password. Once registered the person can log in and chose the amount to receive the card instantly. .


SIMPLE Get your card right away. It’s the best option if you don’t want to use a credit card for your online payments. Obtaining an AstroPay card is simple. The card can be purchased online ( One can buy as many cards and can even merge the balance of two cards into one by calling customer support. The process is easy and  absolutely hassle-free  .

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