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Internet Safety: 

Internet Safety By Cst. Paul Brookes Victoria Police Department

The Dangers: 

The Dangers Distribution of private information Viewing of pornographic material Sexual Predators Exposure to hate literature Access to dangerous information

Private Information: 

Private Information Star Wars Kid Bullying/ Defamation Impersonation

Private Information Cont’d: 

Private Information Cont’d Teen faces porn charges over website Boy, 16, put nude photographs of 15-year-old ex-girlfriend on Internet  Nicholas KohlerCanWest News Service Friday, April 22, 2005 TORONTO -- A Toronto teen has been charged with distributing child pornography after exacting revenge upon his former girlfriend by putting her nude photographs on the Internet. Meanwhile, Toronto police are attempting to force the Internet service provider to remove the five pictures, which remain on the site and are popping up elsewhere on the Internet, Det. Const. Chris Purchas said Thursday. "It exemplifies the finality of this -- that once the pictures are out, there's absolutely no way that they can ever be brought back," he said. In connection to the web postings, a 16-year-old youth faces charges of personation with intent, possession of child pornography, distribution of child pornography, making available child pornography and failure to comply with a recognizance. The charges stem from a website allegedly put online by the youth, which purported to be authoured by his 15-year-old former girlfriend. Not only does the site carry the five photographs, taken while the one-time couple were still intimate, it also contains "slanderous" text describing her as promiscuous, Purchas said. Distributing images of a sex act involving someone under 18 constitutes distribution of child porn. It's alleged the 16-year-old boy constructed the site the very day he was released from jail, where he'd spent the night after being charged with assaulting and extorting money from the girl. "It was for revenge for her reporting the initial incident to the police," said Purchas, who said the boy is charged with punching and choking the young woman. The Internet postings are just the latest allegations to come out of a "tumultuous" relationship between two teenagers who attended the same high school until February. © Times Colonist (Victoria) 2005

Accidental Viewing: 

Accidental Viewing Very easy for a child/youth to inadvertently get to a website Directly ie. Through searches

2nd page of a search on google for “Canadian Beaver”: 

2nd page of a search on google for “Canadian Beaver”

Negative Consequences: 

Negative Consequences Exposure to negative sexual images such as bondage, rape, or child pornography.

Sexual Predators: 

Sexual Predators Canada is a sex tourist destination because age of consent is 14. Travel is not an issue. Chicken hawking and other stats. Dateline


Stats More than 50% of youth using the internet report having received pornographic junk mail and almost ¼ report having received it from someone they met online Almost ½ of secondary school students report having been subjected to sexual advances from someone while online. Girls were more likely to receive such unwanted attention. Chatroom use is the norm for teens and preteens. 58% of 11-12 year olds, 70% of 13-14 year olds, 72% of 15-17 year olds admit to having used chat rooms. 1 out of every 4 teen and preteen internet users reports having been asked to meet face to face someone they met online; 15% admit having met face to face with at least one person they had met online. *Source: Canadian survey of 6000 Canadian Students


Luring a Child – Section 172.1 Every person commits an offence who, by means of a computer system communicates with: A person who is, or who the accused believes is, under the age of 18 for the purpose of facilitating the commission of the offence of Sexual Exploitation, Incest, Corrupting Morals, Procuring (prostitution), or Sexual Assault. Under the age of 16 for the purpose of facilitating a commission of the offence of Abduction. Under the age of 14 for the purpose of facilitating the commission of the offence of Invitation to Sexual Touching, Bestiality, Indecent Act, Abduction.

Case Studies: 

Case Studies Briere:  The man who pleaded guilty to murdering 10-year-old Holly Jones at a Toronto court Thursday morning fulfilled his “dark secret” when he abducted, sexually assaulted, and dismembered her shortly after viewing and becoming aroused by child pornography. Kacie Rene Woody, of Conway, Arkansas, met the San Diego, California, man who killed her in a chatroom on the Internet. Her body, along with the body of David Fuller, was found in a van at a storage garage in Arkansas, both suffering from gunshot wounds. Police suspect that the girl had been sexually assaulted. Kacie did not invite Fuller to come to Arkansas and wasn't aware that he was coming.

BC Cases: 

BC Cases The first case involves a young boy from Prince George who was contacted by an adult male through a chat room. Over time the adult was able to convince the boy that he knew where he lived and to do as instructed or face harm. The boy was directed to steal some money from his mother in order to purchase a bus ticket to Portland, Oregon, where the man intended to meet the boy. The boy complied and was on his way to the bus depot when his father, suspecting something was wrong, questioned his son. The boy then told his father about what was happening to him and the father called the Portland police to inform them of the situation. The police in Portland found the man on his boat, along with a large amount of child pornography. An American adult male who, using an Internet chat room, built a relationship with a 14 year old girl in Victoria, BC. Over time he was able to convince the girl to 'run away' with him and the two agreed to meet. The girl appeared to be unprepared for this man's arrival, however, leaving her home with very little (a stuffed animal and some clothes). The adult man, who was much older than the girl, had prior arrests in the United States for sexual offences. The parents and police worked very quickly to inform the community about the girl's disappearance and consequently the man was stopped at a Vancouver Island ferry terminal where he had intended to take the girl to the United States.

Chat Rooms: 

Chat Rooms Yahoo MSN


Email/Profiles Through email and chat a person is able to determine where your child lives. Through looking at profiles a person can learn about your child.

Posting Information: 

Posting Information Information put on the internet is FOREVER. Nexopia…



Where do we find them?: 

Where do we find them? Change Rooms Tanning Booths Under Desks Public Washrooms Hotel Rooms Beach Huts Upskirting Incidents B&E’s

Dangerous Information: 

Dangerous Information Hacking Bomb Making Drug Manufacturing Cyberbullying

Advice to Parents: 

Advice to Parents Make surfing the internet a family experience Share places of interest Ask your child to show you “their” internet Help them pick out an appropriate screen name Talk with your child about what they can and cannot do online Be reasonable about your expectations Try to understand their needs, interests and curiosity

Advice Continued: 

Advice Continued Set clear rules for internet use such as: Never meet an Internet “friend” in person Don’t open attachments, click links, or share music and other files from strangers. Treat people online as you would like to be treated Respect other peoples property Use caution in accepting new members on instant message contact lists

Advice Continued: 

Advice Continued Place the computer in a central area of your home Set reasonable time limits on internet use Periodically review bookmarks, history and cookies Examine the buddy list or contacts your child has Monitoring software if needed Filtering programs

Warning Signs: 

Warning Signs Secretive phone calls by your child Unknown long distance numbers on your home phone or their cellular phone Unexplained gifts received in the mail Child locking the computer if you approach Report suspicious/ inappropriate activity to police

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