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How bachelors can choose the best RO water purifier filters Water contamination is a serious issue now and for bachelors its way more. As seen most bachelors hardly pay attention to the water they consume while 65 of the population is under the age of 30. So if such a huge percentage consumes unhygienic water then it would be the reason of a big disease outbreak. So it becomes extremely essential for bachelors to have the best water purifier from the house of Moonbow set up in their residences to drink pure and be safe. Comes another phase when choosing a purifier might go wrong if not paid proper attention. You bachelors need to pay extra attention to every detail a purifier serves. Starting from what kind it is to what it is capable of doing. This blog will help you choose the best one out from the wide range available.

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You need to start by checking the water quality of your area which will include the amount of TDS Total Dissolved Solids and if the water is hard or soft. Thereby determining which water purifier will be most suited for serving the purpose. Coming to a phase where you have the responsibility to choose the working of the water purifier which varies from reverse osmosis to ultraviolet mode of filtration to ultra-filtration. Which are very much different from one another serving very different purposes. Firstly the reverse osmosis mode of filtration is the most suited and opted form of water purification where the water is made to pass through a semi permeable membrane and the impurities get arrested by the membrane to deliver pure water. This is the most sought form of filtration cause of the user friendly nature and its ability to filter almost all contaminants while maintaining a steady TDS of the water making it apt for consumption. Then comes the ultraviolet and ultra-filtration mode of water purifiers which use ultraviolet light rays to eliminate the contaminants from water. The water is made to pass through a tube lit with ultraviolet light there the light penetrates the organisms and pathogens disabling their ability to multiply. Then at the ultra-filtration process the contaminants are furthered removed from water thereby making it potable. Now you can either go around searching for the best home water purifiers or can opt for Moonbow the one stop solution to all your water purification needs. Equipped with HexaPure technology the water purifiers from the house of Moonbow is adept in removing biological contaminants chemicals toxins metals water hardness and other organic impurities while maintaining a proper TDS level and enhancing the taste of water which is delivered.

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