OEE in a Paper Manufacturing Facility

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The is a presentation for the MRE 5008 porject. This course is part of a Master Degree in Maintenance and Reliability Engineering from Monash University


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Implementation of Overall Equipment Effectiveness in a Paper Manufacturing Facility MRE 5008 Project Presentation Monty Bryant – Mabry1

Agenda : 

Agenda Performance Measurements Overall Equipment Effectiveness Paper Manufacturing Process OEE Measurement System Conclusion

Measuring Process Performance : 

Measuring Process Performance Equipment Reliability Process Utilization Operating Rate Product Quality Financial Contribution

Performance Measurement Objective : 

Performance Measurement Objective Establish Operating Targets Highlight Improvement Opportunities Benchmark Performance Monitor Progress compared to Goals

Performance Measurement Goal : 

Performance Measurement Goal Identify Process Losses - Location - Reason - Cause - Impact / Severity

Process Losses : 

Process Losses Planned Outages Breakdowns Setup and Adjustments Reduced Speed Startup Rejects Production Rejects

Overall Equipment Effectiveness : 

Overall Equipment Effectiveness Simplifies presentation of production losses Process Improvements identified through measurement system “Best Practice” for monitoring processes Production losses into three categories – Availability, Rate, Quality

OEE Categories : 

OEE Categories

Six Losses – OEE Category : 

Six Losses – OEE Category

OEE Category - Availability : 

OEE Category - Availability Accounts for all Calendar Time Reflects impact of Downtime Ratio of Operating Time to Calendar Time Calendar Time Operating Time Downtime Availability = Operating Time / Calendar Time

OEE Category - Rate : 

OEE Category - Rate Accounts for Optimum Operating Rate Reflects impact of Slowdowns Ratio of Actual Rate to Optimum Rate Optimum Rate Actual Rate Slowdown Rate = Actual Rate / Optimum Rate

OEE Category - Quality : 

OEE Category - Quality Accounts for all Pieces Produced Reflects impact of Rejects Ratio of Good Pieces to Total Pieces Total Pieces Good Pieces Rejects Quality = Good Pieces / Total Pieces

OEE - Overall : 

OEE - Overall Accounts for all Production Capacity Reflects Impact of All Losses Combination of all Categories Production Capacity Actual Production Availability OEE = Availability x Rate x Quality OEE = Actual Production / Production Capacity Rate Quality Actual Production Downtime Slowdown Reject

Paper Manufacturing : 

Paper Manufacturing

Paper Manufacturing : 

Paper Manufacturing Fiber Line Paper Machine

Paper Manufacturing : 

Paper Manufacturing Paper Machine Fiber Line

Paper Manufacturing - OEE : 

Paper Manufacturing - OEE Measures Total Manufacturing Process Reflects Impact of All Process Losses Combination of Fiber and Paper OEE Paper Manufacturing OEE = Fiber OEE X Paper OEE Fiber Line OEE Paper Machine OEE Paper Manufacturing OEE

Paper Manufacturing - OEE : 

Paper Manufacturing - OEE Paper Manufacturing OEE = 63.4 x 73.7 PM OEE = 47.6

Fiber Line OEE – Loss Reason : 

Fiber Line OEE – Loss Reason

Paper Machine OEE – Losses : 

Paper Machine OEE – Losses

Measurement System - OEE : 

Measurement System - OEE Provide information identifying process losses and improvement opportunities Displays OEE Trends Displays Availability, Rate, and Quality Trends Provides drill down to pareto charts quantifying process losses by reason codes Display trend of losses for selected reason codes

OEE System - Specification : 

OEE System - Specification Presents OEE to all employees Visual displays easy to understand Compares OEE to target range Presents information both graphical and tabular formats Allows user to select drill down and trend for more details Outputs information to printer, file, or email

Paper Machine OEE System : 

Paper Machine OEE System

Paper Machine OEE System : 

Paper Machine OEE System

Paper Machine OEE System : 

Paper Machine OEE System

OEE - Conclusions : 

OEE - Conclusions Performance Measures - needed to monitor process and improvements OEE - simple metric that reflects all process losses Three categories of process losses are Availability, Rate, Quality Measurement System – easy to understand and quickly highlight improvement opportunities

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