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Toronto Employment Lawyer - Efcient Support against Employment Issues If you are an employee who is terminated on false ground and the employer is trying to settle the matter by giving you much less than you are entitled you need to seek advice. Employer often asks you to sign a document and you must never sign it before consulting a Toronto Employment Lawyer. He asserts your legal rights and compensation according to common law or Employment Law. Your compensation and notice period is calculated on many factors. The factors which afects your notice period or payment in lieu of notice are your age your position during employment period years of service in that position and availability of akin job. Experienced lawyer and negotiator Again the list is not comprehensive the court may consider other factors to decide your notice period or payment in lieu of notice. With experience skill practice and knowledge - Employment T oronto Lawyer are excellent negotiator and knows how to argument in court to get the best award during any dispute with your termination notice. You may also get a severance pay which is diferent from pay in lieu of termination. If you are working with the employer for more than fve years you are entitled to it.

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Gain confdence and comfort Having an experienced lawyer on your side gives you confdence and comfort to fght your legal battle for your rightful compensation. They take ever possible steps within the legal frame work to give you efcient and efective result. Sometimes negotiations with opposite party gives result and sometimes not. In latter case they fle a case on your behalf and fght for you for the best possible outcome. You may have tenure of minimum months to about 5 years or more. Your post can be of a simple clerk or an executive you must get what is legally yours. Hence the lawyer become your asset that makes your world brighter with the proper and timely advice and support in any form. Source Link: Contact US Monkhouse Law ADD:357 Bay St. Suite 804 T oronto Ontario Canada M5H 2T7 Phone: 416-907-9249 Email id: Website:

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