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IXSIGHT enables global enterprises with end-to-end data quality solutions for business intelligence, customer insights, risk, compliance and master data management initiatives.


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IXSIGHT enables global enterprises with end-to-end Data Quality Solutions for Business Intelligence, Customer insights, Risk, Compliance and Master Data Management initiatives. We achieve this through our suite of high-end software solutions, supported by consulting services of domain experts and analysts, to give data that is completely Clean, Accurate, Standardized and Consolidated (CASC). Ixsight from Datafix ensures that your business intelligence is much more accurate, complete and reliable – no longer do you have to compromise with poor data.

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Our consultants, domain experts and technologists work independently and with you on solutions that can give you enriched, value added clean and consolidated data – a much-needed fuel to power your intelligence engines.  While doing so, we also address problems to do with information flow in your organisation - from extraction to migration to population into your destination systems. We also provide Data Quality assessment metrics on an ongoing basis and provide you with assistance and training to evolve best practices for your organisation.

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Prior to Data-cleansing and De-duplication, an in-depth Data Quality Audit and / or pilot may be required to evaluate inherent / legacy data-quality issues, source & destination systems deployed / to-be-deployed, and validate it with the prospective client's objectives & requirements. The Audit will provide a clear understanding of current data-quality. The report submitted would include the results of audit tests, references to error causes, suggestions for Data-cleansing or minimizing the influence of identified errors on decision-making, description of the databases, the relationships between database tables (relations) and the graph of the database's logical architecture.

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Cleansing is a product-service combination. Any organization that values clean data appreciates that technology-based solutions have limitations. Scrubbix automates between 65-85% of the cleansing, standardization and enhancement tasks. Like Scrubbix, after legacy database de-duplication, DeDuplix can act as a "gatekeeper", to ensure that unwanted matter and duplicates do not creep in. For example, at a telecommunications company, the DeDuplix license ensures that any new activation request would be matched with the continuously updated old defaulters' list to ensure that debts are collected before permitting an ex-customer re-entry into the system as a new account

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Dedupe results can be "house-holded" as well as grouped into other User-defined groups, viz., corporates, doctors, people of the same linguistic background (Indian, Hispanic, English etc.), people from the same religion, etc. Based on such grouping, Profilix can provide Business Intelligence (BI) reports based on basic and additional information to help clients cross-sell or up-sell products based on information like, 37.8% of families that have a credit card and an auto loan could potentially apply for mortgage loan.

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GeoFix is another product-service offering which geo-codes Dedupe results directly onto a Spatial Map. GeoFix provides the services for geo-coding the UIDs and uses the resultant geo-codes to generate spatially enabled Business Intelligence. We are proud that the world’s leading Banking, Financial Services, Insurance and Telecom Companies use our solutions to increase their profitability.  We invite you to learn more today about how Ixsight can help you drive Data Quality, which in turn drives your business profits.

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Contact Us Datafix Technologies Pvt. Ltd. #309, Shah & Nahar Estate, Dr E Moses Road,Worli, Mumbai  400 018 Ph : +91(22)2492-9445 Fax: +91(22)2493-0583Email:

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