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Figurine Fitness is a fitness leader of India from the Australia council for physical health education and also a consultation center for diet, nutrition and sports related inquiries in Bangalore.


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Slide 2: Figurine fitness opened the country’s biggest and “the best” fitness complex in Bangalore. Figurine Fitness, since 1987 has pioneered the introduction and education of thousands about fitness and has made "A healthy mind in a healthy body" an inseparable ingredient for a normal life in three outlets in Bangalore. From humble beginnings in the late 1960s, aerobic dance has become a major symbol of the fitness craze that exploded into American culture in the 1980s. It's still one of the most popular ways to get fit -- and stay fit -- around the world.

Slide 3: More than 24 million people participate in aerobics. Once confined primarily to young women, aerobic dance has blossomed into a sport for both sexes and all age groups to have fun while losing weight and keeping in shape. Figurine Fitness, started by Santosh Kumar, is not just another run of the mill fitness center. Santosh has done sports medicine from the prestigious Australian Council for Physical Health Education and is a fitness pioneer in the city within fifteen years experience behind him. He’s constantly innovating and inventing new exercise routines and finds the regular routines and finds the regular aerobic work out quite passé.

Slide 4: “We hope that you will enjoy learning to dance as much as the many students that we have taught and are currently dancing well and getting pleasure out of every moment.” Salsa is great fun and the latest craze to hit the dance floor .Just like the music, the dance is also a wild mix of everything -- emotions, tempos, spins, dips, drops, syncopations, a little Mambo here, a little Cha Cha there, perhaps a pinch of Argentine.

Slide 5: Modern jive (sometimes called French jive) is a new phenomenon that has started over the last 10 years mainly in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. It has many of the qualities of the jitterbug brought from the States during the war but without the foot steps! It is easy to learn and can be used for much of the modern music that is about today as well as rock'n'roll and swing etc. The Meringue is the national dance of the Dominican Republic, and also to some extent, of Haiti, the neighbor sharing the island.

Slide 6: Modern freestyle dance is very popular with children. No partner is required and dances are interpreted to the latest in chart music. Dance teachers take into account modern trends but most importantly allow dancers the freedom to express themselves. State of the art gymnasium to cater to the needs of pupils. But there is a subtle difference between a regular gymnasium workout and with Figurine Fitness. Figurine Fitness introducing "Circuit Slimming". It is cunning combination of Aerobics and gym training.

Slide 7: Be kind to yourself when you practice yoga. Go slowly, especially in the beginning, and listen to your body. It knows what it can do. If it says "stop," stop. Don't push it. Yoga is not a competitive sport. If you push too hard, you probably won't enjoy it, and you may hurt yourself. Most of all, stick with it. If you practice, you will improve. And you will feel better. Figurine fitness’s certified instructors guide you step by step. Classes are carefully designed to work for all skill levels from beginning to advanced participants.

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Slide 9: Contact Us Mr. SantoshKSCA (Cricket Stadium) Gate No 10M.G Road, Bangalore-1Tel : 22867499 / 25294019Mobile : 9845032994E-mail: #3167, ESI Hospital Road,HAL 2nd stage, IndiranagarBangalore-8 Tel : 25294019Mobile : +91 9845032994Email:

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