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Lots of enterprises or people have this question in their mind that should they opt for hybrid app development or native app development. So with this presentation, you can get a little idea of native apps vs hybrid apps.


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Native App vs Hybrid App Mobile App Development Ranosys T echnologies

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Hybrid Apps In hybrid apps or cross platform apps the code of the app has been written in a single coding language like java on Android and Objective-C on iOS. Than this native language code can be deployed on various app development platforms. A few often used hybrid app development platforms are ● Xamarin ● PhoneGap ● Ionic etc

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Native Apps In Native app development the code of the app depends on the platform or operating system on which it’ll be deployed. For example if we are developing app for android then we’ll be using Java language and for iOS we’ll be using Shift and Objective C language. It provides more features than Hybrid apps and that’s why it is used widely by enterprises. When it comes to budget Native apps cost more than Hybrid apps but for long term Native apps worth it more.

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Advantages of Hybrid Apps ● Only have to write one code and can be deployed on many platforms. ● It is a good option for limited budget enterprises. ● It’s easy integrating it with other platforms. ● Only have to manage one codebase. ● Updating app is quite easy and fast.

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Disadvantages of Hybrid Apps ● Performance wise Natives apps are more powerful than Hybrid Apps. ● User Experience is Average. ● These types of apps depends on third party framework. ● Phone features are limited. ● Debugging can be a time consuming task.

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Advantages of Native Apps ● When it comes to App loading speed Native app are more favourable than Hybrid apps. ● Native apps do have good user interface when compared to Hybrid apps. ● It is more secure and safe. ● You’ll find more phone features than Hybrid app development.

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Disadvantages of Native Apps ● One of the main cons of native apps is the cost. It costs more than Hybrid app development. ● Changing or updating can be a tedious job. ● You can face difficulty in providing support for different devices. ● You’ll have to hire an experienced developer to code your Native app.

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