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Enameloplasty, also known as tooth reshaping is a procedure where a tooth is reshaped to improve the shape of your teeth.


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What Is An Enameloplasty?:

What Is An Enameloplasty? monicaneelydds.com

What Is Enameloplasty?:

What Is Enameloplasty? Enameloplasty is a very conservative procedure by reshaping of the tooth by removing small amounts of enamel. When teeth are worn flat, the corners of the tooth can be rounded to make it look younger (less worn).If the edges have tiny chips, sometimes just leveling it out can make a huge esthetic improvement. Numbing is not needed because not much tooth is removed. Enameloplasty isn’t always an option, but can have dramatic results! monicaneelydds.com

Health And Enameloplasty:

Health And Enameloplasty By shaving excess or uneven enamel from the tooth, the treatment places the tooth back into proper alignment with other teeth that improves tooth structure and bite. The teeth alignment is important to maintain as it works with the facial muscles for proportionate appearance. If people have improper bite due to misaligned teeth, this can impact chewing of food and dietary or nutritional needs and also speech pronunciation. monicaneelydds.com

The Benefits Of Enameloplasty:

The Benefits Of Enameloplasty It enhances your smile It reshapes your teeth Most patients find the procedure to be painless Less expensive than veneers or crowns monicaneelydds.com One of the major benefits of enameloplasty is fast results, and in most cases, a single office visit is enough to finish the procedure and restore your smile. Other benefits include:

The Procedure:

The Procedure The dentist will initially examine your teeth and take X-rays to see if enameloplasty procedures are appropriate as a treatment for you. If so, then your teeth are cleaned and a reshaping instrument is used to gently shave off parts of the enamel surface to reform the identified teeth for healthier condition. Once the reshaped, the teeth are smoothed and polished to their natural-looking attractive appearance. It is a painless procedure and you will be provided with medications after the treatment, in case you encounter some pain or swelling. monicaneelydds.com

Alternatives to Enameloplasty :

Alternatives to Enameloplasty When teeth are reshaped, it is usually for the same purpose and similar instruments are used. The alternate treatments may be what precede or succeed the enameloplasty procedures. For example, once teeth are shaved, veneers may be bonded to the teeth to enhance natural appearance and also to strengthen the teeth alignment. Teeth may also be shaved before crowns are fitted to existing teeth. What causes teeth to become worn or chipped may also vary, so alternate treatments like wearing a mouth guard at night to reduce teeth grinding, may be recommended. Our resident dentist can discuss alternate treatments with you and advise you on treatment options specific to your needs. monicaneelydds.com

Follow-up Treatment:

Follow-up Treatment According to recommended dental hygiene standards, people should visit their dentist every six months for a general check-up just like before the procedure. A recontouring procedure that is not combined with other cosmetic procedures (such as bonding or veneer placement) does not require special care or follow-up. monicaneelydds.com

Are There Any Side Effects?:

Are There Any Side Effects? As long as it is done properly by an experienced dentist there are no negative effects doing enameloplasty or commonly known as enamel filing. monicaneelydds.com

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