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Results : 


Statistical analysis : 

Statistical analysis ANOVA tests were completed to analyze the Reaction time, Working memory and Executive Decision cognitive function tests A T-test was used to analyze the mirror tracing task test (learning test).

Significance of Data : 

Significance of Data

Discussion : 

Discussion Lack of statistical significance indicates that a placebo was likely given No differences were observed between control and drug conditions but should observe differences between cognitive tests Go vs No go tests: why is there a significant difference between them Why were differences not observed: between Stroop tests between N-back tests

Confounding Effects : 

Confounding Effects Memory aids such as talking Environment surrounding testers Distance from monitor Use of mousepad, lack of knowledge of the keyboard (Stroop) Time since drug administration Drug tolerance (to caffeine or nicotine) Energy levels between days Stress

Possible Solutions/Improvements for Further Studies : 

Possible Solutions/Improvements for Further Studies Get rid of confounding effects More controlled environment Increase number of trials and subjects Separate sessions? Ensure no exposure to drugs

Conclusion : 

Conclusion Following statistical analysis of the data, there was no evidence to conclude that the cognitive abilities of the subjects were impaired or enhanced by the action of pharmacological compounds. This implies that no pharmacological compound was administered to test subjects

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