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What to ask your doctor before undergoing fertility treatments say the IVI Fertility IVF experts Couples who have been trying to conceive for more than a year are normally recommended to make an appointment with ​IVF specialists ​without losing any further time. Since female fertility declines at an exponential rate after the age of 35 women aged 35 or above are advised to go for a consultation six months after they start trying. Visiting a fertility expert can make couples anxious especially if they are seeking treatments of this nature for the first time. After all the fertility journey is never an easy process and can even take a toll on ones emotional health. The initial consultation normally forms a basis for the doctor to establish the medical background of the patient including family history and health problems before outlining the next course of action suitable to the case. At this juncture it is important for the couples to ask questions seek clarifications and raise concerns fears and apprehension if any. Doing so will empower the couples and help them in arriving at an informed decision. Most couples are overwhelmed during their first few visits which can easily be avoided by researching on Assisted Reproductive Technology ART and various fertility treatments prior to consultation. Listing down all the questions before going for the doctors appointment also helps. Taking small measures before a visit to the doctor may help the couple in being fully informed and confident about the further course of action. Dr. Laura Melado ​ IVF Specialist ​at IVI Middle East Fertility Clinics - a world-renowned name in the field of IVF treatments says "There are some questions that can be raised with the fertility expert to understand the situation better. These can serve as a guide and help in making the most of the first appointment." The questions that may be asked and a brief overview to each one of them follow: ● After an initial evaluation and assessment of risks and potential problems what are other relevant tests that my partner and I need to undergo to help with the diagnosis and treatment

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"After reviewing the history and discussing the current condition with the patient the doctor will decide if additional tests are necessary to determine the reproductive health. If a complete gynaecological examination is recommended for instance the patient will have to undergo an ultrasound scan. She may also be given medication to boost the chances of conception coupled with recommendations to make lifestyle adjustments as part of the holistic approach. It is ideal to maintain a healthy lifestyle during the entire medical process not only to increase the chances of pregnancy but to ensure the health of the baby as well. The doctor will discuss with the patient an appropriate fertility treatment necessary medications and other additional medical exams required during the course of treatment." said Dr. Melado. ● What are the recommended treatments at the first consultation The treatment depends on the couples medical history and current circumstances. The right treatment for one could be Intrauterine Insemination IUI in which the sperm is prepared in the laboratory and then placed directly into the womans uterus to increase the chances of the sperm reaching and fertilizing the egg. The solution could also be In-vitro Fertilization IVF method a technique in which an embryo is created by fertilizing the egg with the sperm in a laboratory. If qualified for the IVF method couples may also be advised Preimplantation Genetic Screening PGS before attempting an embryo transfer to increase the chances of a healthy pregnancy. Overall the doctors recommendation will depend on the patients health situation and the findings of their tests. ● Do we need to undergo surgical procedures Depending on the result of the couples assessment and evaluation fertility doctors may recommend a surgical procedure to further investigate the cause of infertility or to fix the root of the problem. For instance a physician may recommend a surgery to females with complications arising from fibroids blocked fallopian tubes polyps and endometriosis among others. Similarly males may go through an operation to treat the condition that is hindering their capability to cause pregnancy. ● How long would it take for the fertility treatment to work The duration depends on individual conditions and circumstances. Sometimes it would only take one cycle for a pregnancy to be achieved. Others take multiple attempts before achieving a successful conception. ● Will the treatment be successful

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Reproductive Medicine is an ever-improving field of study. Even though the chances of conceiving through Assisted Reproductive Techniques ART are not 100 percent there are so many reasons to remain optimistic given the rapid advances in the field of Reproductive Medicine. Technological developments and innovations in this area have also been impressive resulting in improved treatments and outcomes. Dr. Melado further added "IVIRMA the parent company of IVI ​Fertility Clinic Abu Dhabi ​ IVI ​Fertility Clinic Dubai ​ and IVI ​Fertility Clinic Muscat ​ particularly treats patients from more than 185 countries. Nine out of 10 couples who consult IVI Fertility realize their dream of becoming parents. Furthermore more than 160000 babies have already been born with IVI Fertility Clinics worldwide. With the help of science and expertise we put our heart and soul into creating a safe and successful IVF journey for our patients" ● How much will the main ART procedure and other tests cost IVI ​Fertility Clinics UAE ​and IVI Fertility Clinic Oman provide their patients with a detailed budget itemizing all costs from the appropriate ART procedures to relevant analyses and tests based on the doctor´s evaluation and the treatment recommended. This helps in preparing for the entire procedure financially. IVI Fertility has 3 clinics in the Middle East region two of which are ​IVF Clinics UAE - ​ ​IVF Clinic Abu Dhabi ​ and ​ IVF Clinic Dubai ​ and one ​IVF Clinic Muscat. When couples who are trying to conceive have all of the necessary information it helps them in making the right decision. All couples seeking guidance are advised to thoroughly discuss all issues before moving forward with the fertility treatments to ensure clarity and success.

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