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26 Resources Man Power and Geographical diversity are like three corners of a triangle which can help much to boost an economy if allocated properly. An axle of technology in the median can spin them in a synchronized manner making them look more like a wheel of growth and advancement. ‘We need technology for optmum utlizaton of all what we have’ Q Please give us a brief overview about your company and what are the major services you are providing Tech4Serve Pvt. Ltd. is project consultant company specia-lized in food industry. We take up turn key projects in food sector specifcally in bakery industry restaurant agri-comodity purchase processing and export. We also do system upgradation process implementation man-machine management capacity utilization process controls quality systems implementation inventory management and proft optimize projects. We have proven our self in successful business planning implementation sales and marketing plan. We proudly boast off our achievement in creation of successful and fast growing brands. Our major services are- • P r ojec t f easibilit y stud y . • M ar k et sur v e y and stud y . • Iden tifc a tion and selec tion of plan t pr o c essing equipmen t. • B r ead plan t bak er y setup mo dular 5 star mo dular k it chens restaurant hotel setup hand holding. • Q ualit y S y st em HA C CP ISO QMS BR C et c implemen ta tion. • S ick U nit r ebuild up gr ada tion and op er a tions t o mak e them proftable. Q As you know the food processing industry in India is an evergreen industry with a lot of technological advancement taking place. As a consulting frm how you see the future of this industry as far as technology is concerned As we all know with globalization increasing awareness among the masses on food quality and product range the need of technology plays a very important role. Indian food industry although is evergreen but technically we are still at nascent stage. India has a huge potential of replenishing the demand supply gap just by adapting better technology. Proper handling of crops timely and effcient processing can make us global leaders in terms of exports of processed foods as we have all the essential ingredients like raw material skilled and unskilled manpower land and other natural resources and a booming economy. India is blessed in three verticals viz:- Resources Man Power and Geographical diversity. These are like three corners of a triangle which can help much to boost an economy if allocated properly. An axle of technology in the median can spin them in a synchronized manner making them look more like a wheel of growth and advancement. “We need technology for optimum utilization of all what we have” . INTERvIEw Mr. Hitesh Tripathi CEO An Exclusive Conversation...

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27 Q Food safety is becoming a major issue these days. So how important is the role of a processing technology/machine being used by the food manufactures to make a safe and healthier product We have observed that there are lot of issues related to food quality in the products manufactured in India. Indian market is highly cost sensitive. Indian consumer often prefers quantity over quality. This phenomenon leads to unethical practices by the manufacturers so as to sustain the price war. There is a need of diverting the mindset toward better quality in food purchase just like brand loyalty practiced in pharma industry. Manufacturers also have to adapt better technology for mass production which will lead to cost effective products. Government bodies like PFA FSSAI who are currently very less effective due to their constraints. They should be strengthened with trained and effcient manpower strong law enforcement up to the grass root level. Q How challenging is to identify a good commercial machine to start up a new food processing plant. Are the Indian machines capable of competing the global one Over the past few years we have seen a lot of local manufacturers in the market .Technology has been invented and copied both. In fnancial terms Indian machines are much cheaper than their European counter parts. They are also more durable and reliable than their Chinese counter parts. Basis my exposure to the domestic and international markets I personally feel Indian machines are more adapted towards the preferences of Indian consumer. They yield better results but in some cases we have to rely on imported machines so as to get desired results. It is a challenge to identify good commercial machines as there are lot of technical details to be taken care of while purchasing. Selection of machines also gives Tech 4 Serve the right platform to extend a helping hand basis our technical expertise. Q What are major challenges to start up a new bakery frm How proftable this business is with respect to the current market trend Bakery is one of the most upcoming and fast growing trend in India. I recall just 10 years back there use to be one sweet shop in every vicinity. Now all the shop have even replaced by bakery or they have added a bakery section. Mithai giants like Haldiram Bikaner wala have introduced bakery sections in their sweet shops. In festive seasons we see a swing in trend of gifting chocolates and cookies rather than traditional sweets. The basic reason behind this is better shelf-life low fat and healthy options in bakery products. They are also easy to consume and have a huge varity. Bakery products are now very important ingredient in our daily menu. It is a challenge to set up a bakery unit for the following reasons: • P r op er mar k et sur v e y • Iden tifc a tion of c omp etition • G o o d selec tion of machines • P r op er pr o duc t k no wledge • sk illed t eam t o handle pr o duc tion • Inno v a tiv e eff ec tiv e br anding • P r op er ly planned supply chain • E ff ec tiv e w astage c on tr ol sy st ems Retail food business is one of the most proftable business model bakery being one of them. A well planned executed project can reach to breakeven point in less than two years and an reach to operational breakeven in less than 60 days but we also have t o k no w 60 -70 of r etail f o o d business shut do wn or b ec ome economically unviable in 1st 6 months of their operation just because of poor management and planning. We at Tech4serve prefer to hold hands in all projects for 6 months for the same reason. Q What are the major steps should government take to encourage the young entrepreneurs to start up a new food processing plant The major problem with young entrepreneurs to start up a new food processing plant s is arrangement of funds. I myself have come across many young uprising and focused individuals with an excellent business plan being handcuffed due to non- availability of funds. I know there are a lot of govt. policies to support young entrepreneurs but there are no set guidelines for the same. The information is also not present in a structural manner which often needs to a vicious circle of agents brokers corrupt govt employees. There has to be a lot of transparency in the process and one window system of application to disbursement. Q What are your recent achievements and what are your frm’s future objectives 2014 had been a busy and remarkably successfully year for us so far. We have successfully created brands like Paris Bakery Bhubaneshwar Trupti Bakes n Beans Indore Bakers Bunch Surat. We have taken Up system implementation and process upgradation projects for Polka Delhi and Popular Bread Surat We are working on a 1000 USD investment project in agri commodity business and many more upcoming projects which will showcase in coming future. I see Tech 4 Serve as one of the leading names in food consulting on the global platform. We would try to work more effectively as a team amalgamated with our principals off transparency and ethics. We would like to provide a mutual learning and growth platform for new entrants in the industry and also the existing players. We are sure to be a key player in the food revolution of Indian sub-continent. INTERvIEw

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