Embryoscopy_ The Technology behind IVF

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Embryoscopy: The Technology behind IVF An Embryoscope is an incubator that maintains the necessary conditions for a living embryo to thrive. According to Prof. Dr. Human Fatemi Medical Director IVI Fertility Clinics Middle East “the technology of the Embryoscope allows embryologists to closely monitor embryo cell divisions and development while the embryos remain in the incubator thereby mimicking the stable environment that the embryo would have experienced inside the body.” According to another IVF specialist from IVI Fertility - the renowned ​IVF clinic Abu Dhabi ​ “the Embryoscope works by using its specially designed built-in camera and microscope to take several images of the embryos every ten minutes. The advanced software of the Embryoscope allows embryologists to assess the embryos in their stable culture environment to facilitate the selection of the embryos with the highest chance of leading to a pregnancy and the delivery of a healthy baby. It has now become an important instrument at the IVF hospitals for ​infertility treatment UAE ​.” Embryoscope is one of the key instruments which are being used in the IVF procedure and being the pioneers in introducing Embryoscopy to the world IVI Fertility became the first centre to achieve the birth of a baby by this technology. Since IVI is a collaborator in this development of Embryoscope any improvements or advancements made to the Embryoscope are first implemented exclusively at IVI clinics. The institution has three ​Fertility clinics Middle East ​ - ​IVF clinic Abu Dhabi ​ ​IVF clinic Dubai ​ and ​ IVF clinic Muscat ​.

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IVI Fertility is a world-class ​IVF hospital UAE ​ that is paving the way for assisted fertility treatments. It has 68 clinics worldwide that are helping people have the pregnancy they have been longing fo ​r.

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