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Fertility Preservation at Best Fertility Clinic in Abu Dhabi IVI Middle East fertility Clinic How can a woman’s fertility be safeguarded before cancer treatment at the ​best  fertility clinic in Abu Dhabi ​  At ​ IVI ​ Fertility Preservation is offered to patients that are going to undergo cancer  treatment. Naturally it all depends on the nature of the diagnosed illness and the  specifics of the prescribed treatment but broadly speaking there are several  options available. Factors to take into account include the site of the cancer type  of treatment time available and the age of the patient. In many cases pregnancy  after radiation therapy is possible and the chances of getting pregnant after  chemotherapy can be good. It could all depend on taking the preparatory steps  that are now available through assisted reproduction techniques. We at IVI have a  wealth of experience in helping women who are about to undergo cancer  treatment to safeguard their fertility for the future. Here are some of the options:  Vitrification of oocytes  This could be described as a part of the better-known ​ ​IVF fertility treatment in  Abu Dhabi ​ but with a time delay built in. It follows the same process as IVF as far  as ovarian stimulation and gathering of oocytes is concerned. At this point  however the mature eggs are cryopreserved so that they can be used at a later  date with the same prognosis as at the point when they were vitrified. Due to the  fact that ice crystals do not form this technique results in high oocyte survival  meaning there is a reasonable chance of success. In this way IVF after cancer  treatment can fulfil your hopes of parenthood in spite of the setback of serious  illness.

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Vitrification of oocytes is the most commonly recommended treatment for patients  who are at risk of losing their ovarian function. As well as women who have been  diagnosed with cancer and are going to undergo chemotherapy or radiotherapy  treatment these include women with autoimmune diseases which require  chemotherapy bone marrow transplants and for those who are at risk of needing  successive ovarian surgery procedures for example in the treatment of  endometriosis.  Freezing of the ovarian cortex  A different cryopreservation technique is the freezing of the ovarian cortex. This  technique can enable ovarian function to be restored so that spontaneous  pregnancy might be achieved. In addition since the patient would have normal  levels of hormones early menopause with its secondary effects such as  osteoporosis hot flushes and cardiovascular problems can be avoided.  This technique is the method of choice when treating pre-pubescent girls although  it is also used for adult cancer patients who are due to have chemotherapy or  radiotherapy among other circumstances. The treatment can be compatible with  the vitrification of oocytes if the circumstances allow adequate time for carrying  out both techniques but for patients who need to start chemotherapy immediately  or when ovarian stimulation is inadvisable it can be used on its own.  In vitro maturation of oocytes  For some patients such as those with hormone-dependent tumours it is necessary  to avoid ovarian stimulation. In these circumstances an alternative can be in vitro  maturation of oocytes known as IVM. In this method immature oocytes are  recovered from small antral follicles either without stimulation or with only  minimal stimulation. They are then cultivated in a suitable medium until they  reach maturity.

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This way ovarian stimulation is avoided making IVM a potential alternative to a  standard IVF cycle. As such it represents another option for pregnancy after  radiation therapy.  More information about ​ IVI  If you are concerned about the chances of getting pregnant after chemotherapy or  you would like to know more about how cancer treatments can affect fertility or  how IVF after cancer can be most effective do browse our website for the full facts.  We feature articles about a whole range of assisted fertility issues and we publish  up-to-date analyses of the latest reproductive techniques. For a general  introduction to who we are what we do and the services we can offer have a look  at our ​ Instagram account ivimiddleeast ​account. Overall we at​ IVI ​ ​have one of  the best success rates per patient over 70 the highest in the region. Some 9 out  of 10 couples that consult ​ IVI ​ ​due to problems with infertility and put their trust in  us achieve their goal of becoming parents. One of our proudest and most  significant statistics is that over 160000 babies have been born to date with the  help of ​IVI.  When you feel ready do contact us for an appointment without obligation. You  can phone us on +971 56 434 5129 calling from the UAE or on 96824475814 from  Oman. Alternatively you could use our online contact form on ​www.ivivf.com ​ to  get in touch and one of our specialists will contact you. At​ ​IVI ​ ​ you are our first  priority and we are here to help.

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