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Top IVF Clinic in Abu Dhabi IVI Middle East Fertility Clinic Helps Keep a Tab on Your Fertility Calendar Yes you can keep a count of the days you are most fertile to help complete your family. ​IVI Middle East Fertility Clinic ​ is the ​top IVF clinic in Abu Dhabi ​ that explains the fertility calendar of a woman trying to conceive. When are women most fertile ​ For someone hoping to conceive the question of fertility seems to be always there in the background. The issue of when a female is most fertile has two aspects. Firstly there is the point in your monthly menstrual cycle when you are most likely to conceive. This is where a fertility calendar or ovulation calculator can help with the arithmetic. The second aspect of the question is about biological age and the stage of life at which women are most fertile. In our article we look at the monthly cycle which are the most fertile days during that cycle and the various means of monitoring and predicting ovulation. This allows times of maximum fertility to be predicted with some accuracy. Secondly we look at the stages of fertility in the different times of a woman’s life and the effect these will have on her ability to conceive. When is a female most fertile What the menstrual cycle reveals ​ Generally speaking you are at your most fertile a day or two either side of ovulation. This is when an egg is released from your ovaries. You can calculate with a reasonable degree of accuracy when ovulation will take place especially if your cycle is regular at somewhere between 24 and 35 days. Count the start of your period as day one of your cycle and the day before your next period as the end of the cycle. Ovulation normally takes place 12-16 days before the start of your next period. Thus if you have a regular 28-day cycle and many women do not then the figure remains the same: ovulation takes place on Day 12-Day 16. However the fertile time is not restricted to those few days. Remember you could get pregnant if protection is not used at any point during the week before ovulation as sperm can live inside a womans body for up to seven days. Fertility specialists at top fertility clinic of Abu Dhabi usually advise that it can be difficult to work out the exact day of ovulation the best chance of getting pregnant so long as there are no underlying fertility problems is to try every 2-3 days throughout your cycle. Even so for some women facing infertility there are several ways that can help with fertility prediction. These are fertility calendars ovulation predictor kits and self-monitoring for signs of ovulation. Fertility calendar ​ This can take the form of an old-fashioned pen and paper a spreadsheet or one of the many online calendars available. They are also known as ovulation calendars or ovulation calculators. They all do the same thing which is to track the dates of your menstrual cycle and using the 12 to 16-day calculation set out above to identify the days on which the chances of conception are highest. Ovulation predictor kits ​ These are test kits which measure levels of luteinising hormone LH in your urine. The critical measurement is a surge in the level of LH which happens as part of your cycle a couple of days before ovulation. This is therefore prime conception time. There are also tests which aim to

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measure the same hormone surge but using a saliva sample. In these tests saliva is observed for a fern-like pattern when dried on glass. The urine version of the test is overall more accurate. Self-monitoring for signs of impending ovulation ​ Self-monitoring involves taking your temperature every morning after waking up plus monitoring the quality and consistency of vaginal mucus secretions. This needs to continue for a few months for patterns to be recognised. It is the least reliable of the methods because there can be many differing causes of temperature fluctuations and in reality many people find the routine tiresome and difficult to sustain. FOR MORE DETAILS VISIT: ​IVF clinic UAE ​ | ​IVF clinic Abu Dhabi ​| ​IVF clinic Dubai

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