Hair Transplant Surgery Types and Their Advantages

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Hair Transplant Surgery Types and Their Advantages Hair loss or baldness is a serious issue for both men and women with above 85 million  people suffering with some or the other form of hair loss at any age. Once there is an  indication of balding it is a good reason to be alarmed. Hair loss in men is considered  common and ordinary especially about the age of 40. For women it is not as common but  not a rare sight either. Although when this problem occurs sufferers cannot help but find  the right solution like ​Hair transplant surgery​ which is the best way recommended by hair  experts for gaining back on your hair.            What is Hair Transplantation    Hair transplantation​ is considered a quick and easy way to treat any type of hair loss  problem. It is a surgical procedure that is targeted towards restoring a persons lost hair due  to reasons such as male baldness burns trauma and surgery. In this treatment hair  follicles are extracted from hair growing scalp on the back and side of the head and then  transferred and planted again on the barren areas of the head.

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There are two types of hair transplant treatment viz. FUE Follicular Unit Extraction and  FUT Follicular Unit Transplantation. These are based on the density and thickness of your  hair considering which you can make the choice on which type of treatment to undergo.    Follicular Unit Extraction FUE:    FUE is a no-stitch technique in which grafted follicular units are being implanted in the bald  area which gives the best result in terms of hair density gained and also reduces possible  circumstances of scars. This method is useful in cases of pattern baldness which is  technically called as androgenic alopecia. These transplant surgery are performed under  the supervision of professional hair transplant specialist by giving anaesthesia to the  patient. The surgeon begins by extracting follicular units from the donor area. These grafts  are kept in a holding solution till the time recipient area is prepared for the transfer. The last  step consists of implantation of the extracted follicles to create the hairline.    Advantages of FUE treatment:    · Helps in restoring your balding receding and thinning hairs  · Ensures a natural looking hairline  · Lesser risk of any complications  · Lesser downtime to heal the wounds  · Minimum post-operation discomfort  · No linear scars or stitches    Who should opt for FUE    · People with smaller area of baldness  · Who require fast recovery from surgery  · People who have fear of cuts and stitches  · Suitable for people with active lifestyle like sportsmen    Know More: ​Fue Hair Transplant    Follicular Unit Transplantation FUT:    Follicular Unit Transplant is the latest discovery for hair transplantation procedure. It is a  technique which includes a piece of suitable skin from the correct position on the scalp  being chosen for the transplant. This piece of skin will then be extracted out and grafted on  to the area of scalp where hair needs to be replenished. After the skin has been cut the  wound is closed by suturing the edges of skin together. FUT has a comparatively higher

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yield when it comes to hair restoration. And this can be the main driving factor for many  patients because they may be willing to have a long thin scar on the back of their heads in  return of a higher yield of hair and altogether a better result.    Advantages of FUT treatment:    · Higher number of Follicles can be transplanted in just one session  · Higher survival rate of the hair follicles after transplantation  · More cost-effective treatment  · Lesser time in achieving hair restoration growth  · Yields comparatively better quality hair follicles      Who should opt for FUT    · People with larger area of baldness  · People who are more desirous of reducing treatment times  · People who are not scared to cuts scars and long recovery period.      Read More:​ Hair Treatment Clinic

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