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MG korea develop and produce crawler-type transporters with our technology combining motors and controllers and offers OEM production of motor core blanking used in motors and generators and highly competitive high-added value Dynamo System. The world is now facing environmental crises and resource crises. Climate issues of global level are threatening survival of the mankind through climate disasters and destruction of eco systems. Faced with the dire need for greenhouse gas reduction and development of alternative energy to replace fossil fuels the world is spurring reduction of CO2 gas and development of environment-friendly energy. Thus we at Mogen Korea as a company that produces researches and develops high-efficiency motors and related products that play crucial roles in green growth new-growth drive and new reusable energy have been engaged in production of motor generator core blanking mini wind turbines engine generators military motors and industrial motors. Introduction

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BLDC motor Brushless DC motor refers to DC motor without brush and commutator driven by semiconductor device. It is high-efficiency anti-explosion high-speed and high-output electric motor widely used in various areas including: home appliances automobiles trains military logistics and industry healthcare and robotics. BLDC Motor Driver

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Special motor refers to BLDC motor servo motor step motor linear motor etc. customized to each user`s purpose and usage designed and manufactured to suit each special environment. Special Motor

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Mini Wind Turbine : Nature-friendly wind turbine for independant power generation This energy system is capable of generating power using wind and solar-ray at the same time. Engine Generator : high-efficiency light-weight and compact engine generator for emergency generation and independant power sourse. Generator

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Dynamo system is an equipment used to measure power of rotating units such as motors and generators. There are various types depending on the braking method. The system measures rotation speed and torque to determine efficiency and durability of motors and generators. Dynamo System

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Are you looking for Small wind generator Dynamo System supplier Korea Mogen Korea`s dynamo system with space- saving and energy-saving through weight reduction and miniaturization. Conclusion

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