All you need to know about VCI polythene tubes and plastic bags


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All you need to know about VCI polythene tubes and plastic bags VCI polythene plastic bags manufacturers saw an immense demand for their products. Why were these bags invented What made them so popular VCI polythene tubes and bags solved the rampant problem of corrosion in industries. They were a fool-proof product which did not only give effective results but was extremely affordable. Most metal products and machineries in big industries faced the problem of corrosion. Corrosion occurred when metals were exposed to air water salts and many chemicals present in the atmosphere. VCI polythene tubes and plastic bags offered excellent and effective packaging solutions against corrosion and rust. These bags provide protection for all kinds of ferrous and non-ferrous products. These bags created a revolution in the industry which instantly spiked up their demands amongst the VCI plastic bags manufacturers and VCI polythene tube manufacturers. These bags are manufactured using low density plastic granules VCI chemicals and VCI batch to get the corrosion resistant properties. Various industrial components like pins screws nuts needles caps holders surgical blades welding electrodes and others need protection from rust and corrosion else they become useless. Packing the components in these bags assures safety from corrosion. Polythene tubes can be used to pack any size and shapes of metal tubes and rods. What are the key features There are certain important aspects that make these bags and tubes more popular. If you are someone who wants to know more about this product before buying it then this blog will give you all the required information. Read along to know more about these innovative bags and tubes:

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• These bags offer a barrier against dust and moisture protecting the products inside. Once packed in these bags the machines or metal parts do not require any additional packaging. • These bags are transparent which allows you to see the products inside. You will not need to open the packaging every time to see the product inside as it is transparent. • These bags are heat and cold resistant and can withstand extreme cold and extreme hot climatic conditions without damaging the products. • The product is made using high-quality products that are recyclable. That also ensures they do not react with the items stored inside. These bags are bio-degradable and environment friendly. • These bags have high tensile strength and are tear-resistant. • These bags are water oil and grease resistant. • These bags do not react with the metal of the products stored inside and hence are absolutely safe. These were some of the popular specifications of this product which made it acceptable in the market. You can buy the best product from a reliable manufacturer. Contact Us: Phone – +91-9811380229 / +91-9953980229 Website -

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